Discover about Phom ongame – The most popular card game of 2022

Phom ongame is currently a popular online card game and is loved by many people at casinos. However, a few players still do not know about this entertainment game and how to win easily. Therefore, please read carefully the entire content below Kubet11 to supplement your knowledge about Phom.

Definition of Phom ongame 

Phom is inherently a folk game in Vietnam. At the same time, this card game also has another name by ta la. Especially in the North, Phom is popular with many people. When you participate in this card game, you must have a strategy to create a strong Phom set and eliminate maximum trash cards. As long as you have the lowest total score at the end, you will win.  

In addition, Phom ongame has regulations for the number of participants from 2 to 4 members with a deck of 52 cards. The most unique feature when you play this card game lies in the strategy and how to predict your opponent’s cards from the cards they play. However, that doesn’t mean you can easily win in Phom ongame. 

When you join Phom ongame, you will experience the intuitive, top-notch interface and vibrant system sound. These factors contribute to increasing the excitement of the game. In addition, the tasks in Phom ongame are also quite easy to use even if you are playing for the first time. 

Rules of Phom ongame

If you want to play Phom ongame, you need an account to log into the system. Accordingly, you should create a member account right on the home page and enter all required information. Next, you deposit money and proceed to play Phom ongame. 

Once you have joined the Phom ongame table, the system will automatically distribute 9 cards to each member. Whoever plays the first turn receives 1 extra card and the remaining cards are collectively called Nocturnal. The strategy for playing Phom ongame is regulated counter-clockwise. 

Specifically, the member who plays first will give 1 trash card first. The next person can choose to play that card or ignore it and pick another card. Just like that, the remaining members continue to perform the same task as before.  In the end, whoever buzzes and has no more leaves will win. All initial bets of the remaining member will belong to the other person. 

In addition, if no member buzzes after 4 draws, everyone must lower Phom. Then you will compare them one by one and calculate the points. At this time, whoever owns the most Phom and the lowest score is considered the winner. 

Calculate Phom ongame points 

The way to calculate Phom points on game is the same as when you play in real life. Accordingly, this card game is based on the remaining trash cards of each member. Cards from 2 to 10 are counted according to their printed value. At the same time, from J to Ace will have the following points: 

  • Ace corresponds to 1 point 
  • J corresponds to 11 points 
  • Q corresponds to 12 points 
  • K corresponds to 13 points

Thus, you will compare the cards you are holding in your hand with the scoring regulations mentioned above.  Then all members show the results to know who is the winner. In addition, the member with the highest score also loses money to compensate the lowest member.

What are the advantages of Phom ongame? 

Phom ongame has now almost replaced and is more popular with the traditional style. It is no coincidence that this card game has become so hot. You will definitely be amazed from the first time you join Phom ongame because of its top-notch graphics. What catches your eye on the home page is a modern, user-friendly interface. All tasks are designed by the Publisher to be simple but very scientific. 

In addition, the steps for you to log into the game are very quick and require few steps. You can use your social network account for high-speed access. Phom ongame has a Vietnamese language configuration so you can rest assured that you won’t have any difficulty with reading comprehension. 

At the same time, each Phom ongame room has different betting regulations and is displayed directly outside. Therefore, it is easy for you to find a place that suits your finances. Additionally, if you are participating for the first time, the game portal also adds very specific instructions for you to understand better.
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Tips to always win when playing Phom ongame

Although playing Phom ongame is quite easy, that doesn’t mean you can easily win this card game. Therefore, in addition to understanding the rules and how to play, you must know the following tips for playing Phom effectively. 

Pay attention when arranging cards 

When you play Phom ongame, the process of arranging cards is mostly overlooked by you. However, this is extremely important to help you keep track of your cards and find Phom. At the same time, you also know for sure which cards you have in your hand and which cards you need to add. If you leave the deck messy, it will look quite confusing and easily distract you. Therefore, you should rearrange your cards immediately after picking up from the Venom. 

Know how to predict and guess your opponent’s cards 

If you pay attention, in the third round of Phom ongame, the opponent will often wait for the card to create a straight set. This skill is really cool and you should apply it. That will help you take the initiative and limit your opponents from getting ahead of you. 

Phom fishing example 

Phom baiting is a trick that many players apply to their games. Accordingly, you will use this technique when you want to create a vertical set. You will lure other members by showing the card you are waiting for. From there, you will immediately attack the opponent’s subjective psychology and force them to release the troops they need.

Small before Big after 

A very harmful habit that people often have when playing Phom ongame is to play strong cards first. In fact, this is formed from the player’s fear of risk later when calculating points. However, if you pay attention to experienced players, they almost only play small first, big later. Because when you get to the end, you play a strong card and are less likely to get hit. In addition, your ability to capture high cards will also be wide open. 

However, if the game is about to end and you find that your cards cannot wait any longer, you should quit immediately to avoid hesitation. Because when you don’t have time to eliminate it until the score is calculated, it’s easy to be at a disadvantage. 

Maintain your mentality 

Maintaining a strong mentality is a very necessary factor in all card games, not just Phom. Because you can only come up with reasonable moves and strategies if you are in a good mood, comfortable, and confident. When you are distracted for some reason, you should not play Phom because that will only make you lose more.

In addition, if you are unlucky enough to lose continuously, don’t be too hasty in removing the guard. Now, please sit back and look at the actual situation. Ideally, when you no longer feel calm, you should stop and play again another day.  


Through the above article, you have learned more useful information Phom ongame. This game is really fun and engaging from the start. Right now, apply the tips that the article shared above to increase your chances of winning in the Phom game. 

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