Haunted Escape Room Near Me: How Do Escape Rooms Work?

There are well over 2,000 escape rooms operating in the US, and for a good reason. Nothing can create a heart-pounding adventure quite like they can.

Escape rooms are also a great source of exercise, and doing one will help you bond with the group that you’re with. That’s why so many companies use them as a teamwork activity for their employees.

The question is, how does a haunted escape room near me work? Check out this escape room guide to get a special look behind the scenes and find out what you can expect when you book a room for your group.

What Is an Escape Room? 

So, what is an escape room? In short, it’s a game that involves locking a group in a room. To get out, the group must solve a series of puzzles.

If you go here to view this escape room, you’ll see that they’re often themed. For example, if you’re going around Halloween, you might Google “haunted escape room near me.”

Another thing to note is that most rooms come with a time limit. The group will have one hour to solve all the puzzles and get out.

Are You Ever Really Trapped? 


This answer might take some thrill out of the experience, but you’re never actually trapped. If you start to feel a bit claustrophobic or you need to use the restroom, you can leave the room at any time.

What Goes on Behind the Scenes? 

While you and your group go crazy trying to solve puzzles, a game master is watching you on screens. If you’re in a facilitated room, the game master will step in and give you a hand when they see you struggling with a puzzle.

If you’re in a non-facilitated room, the game master won’t help you. If you get stuck, you’ll be stuck until the game is over.

What Happens If You Don’t Escape? 

If you don’t manage to solve all the puzzles within the hour and get out, nothing happens. You won’t be able to hold the “we escaped” sign and take a picture when you get out of the room, but that’s about it.

If there comes a time when you want to take a crack at the room again, all you have to do is rebook.

General Escape Room Tips 

Do yourself a favor and dress comfortably. You’re going to be moving around a lot so restrictive clothing and heels aren’t going to do you much good.

Don’t try to break away from your group to solve puzzles on your own. The entire point is to work as a team. You’re not going to win if you don’t communicate.

Place any clues to puzzles that you’ve already solved in their own pile to prevent confusion.

Get Ready for the Best Haunted Escape Room Near Me 

If you’re looking for a thrilling time? Google the “best-haunted escape room near me.”

As long as you know what to expect, solving puzzles as a group will provide you with a sense of fun and accomplishment that you can’t get from anything else.

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