How to Bet on Table Tennis. How to Get Standard Odds

Table tennis betting is a form of sports betting that many bettors are interested in and prioritize. Because not only can players enjoy table tennis matches, they can also earn extra income through betting. Here we go hi888 Learn more about betting on this sport and know how to bet correctly.

General information about table tennis betting

With the development of table tennis and technology, it has brought an interesting type of betting. Players can follow the match they like and bet on it. To better understand this form and the rules of the game, please follow the content below.

What is table tennis betting?

Similar to other sports, table tennis betting is a form in which players bet their real money on the betting window provided by the house. These bets will be made by the bookmaker based on many factors such as pre-match statistics, specific pre-match information, etc. Requires players to be truly knowledgeable about table tennis and the match they are betting on. New types of bets are easy to win.

Table tennis betting rules at online bookmakers

When registering to participate in online betting at bookies, you need to understand the rules of the game. Below are the specific rules of table tennis betting:

  • You can deposit money to bet at any time, follow the match schedule and update the odds table.
  • After each table tennis match starts, you will no longer be able to participate in betting on that match.
  • Cancel bets and refund if the match is not played as scheduled or the player does not participate in the match.
  • If the first half is actually organized according to regulations, the first half bet will be counted. In case the match ends not according to schedule, the result of the first half will still be calculated for the player.
  • Based on the nature of the bet and the actual result, the house will calculate the reward accordingly.

Betting odds in table tennis betting are widespread

In order to provide diversity for players to choose from, bookmakers have developed many types of table tennis bets. Below are some common types of bets in table tennis betting that you can refer to to find the right type to participate in:

  • Betting on over or under for the entire match: In this form, you will bet on over or under with over being higher than the house offers and under being lower. The bookmaker will give the total number of goals scored by both sides for comparison.
  • Odd-even bet: A form of betting on even or odd numbers, the result depends on the total number of goals scored by both sides, without needing to determine the winner or loser of the match.
  • Bet on which team will win the match: You bet on which team will win the match, applicable to matches with two teams with 4 players.
  • Handicap betting is similar to Asian betting in football, the house gives the handicap between the two sides, the upper handicap handicaps the lower handicap. Depending on the odds, there is a separate way to calculate wins and losses.

Save now how to make standard table tennis bets from experts

Betting has never been simple for newcomers, and neither is table tennis betting. To win in this form, players must know how to bet on the ball correctly. Grasping that importance, we have researched some effective ways to bet and will reveal them to you shortly.
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Don’t bet big right from the start

When participating in online betting, not just table tennis, you need to remember the rule of not betting big from the beginning. Placing large bets without accurately predicting the results can easily lead to capital losses and great risks. Instead, place small bets for many matches and gradually increase as you gain experience.

Find out information when participating in table tennis betting

Researching information carefully before the match is extremely important that you need to do when betting on sports, especially table tennis betting. Follow pre-match information and statistics, find out the performance of the two opposing sides and much more.

The more information updated, the more accurate the prediction will be. Besides following official information from the media, people can also follow through online bookmakers. Or visit group forums where there are table tennis betting experts. The information and predictions from them are the basis for you to make more accurate judgments.


The above article is detailed information that we have researched and learned about table tennis betting. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the top choice for those who are passionate about sports betting. Choose the match with the appropriate bet type to make the right betting decision. At the same time, don’t forget to apply the extremely accurate ball betting methods that have been revealed so you can improve your betting efficiency.

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