How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Suit for Your Big Day

As a groom-to-be, choosing the perfect attire is crucial to looking your best and feeling confident in front of your bride, the guests, and the camera. But with so many styles, colours, fabrics, and accessories to choose from, picking the right wedding suit can be a daunting task. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all the crucial steps of picking the perfect wedding suit, from style to fit, from accessories to budget. So, put on your smart glasses, grab a notepad, and let’s get started.

Know Your Wedding Theme and Style: Before you start browsing through the catalogues or scrolling on Pinterest, you need to know what kind of wedding you’re having. Is it a formal black-tie gala, a semi-formal beach party, or a casual outdoor event? The answer to this question will determine the style, colour, and fabric of your wedding suit. A black tuxedo might be ideal for a formal evening wedding, while a light-grey linen suit could be more suitable for a beach wedding. Similarly, if your wedding has a specific colour scheme, you may want to choose a suit that complements or contrasts with it.

Consider Your Body Type and Fit: The best wedding suit is the one that fits you like a glove, highlighting your best features and disguising your flaws. Therefore, it’s important to know your body type and choose a suit that flatters it. If you’re tall and lean, a slim-fit suit with a narrow lapel could accentuate your height and create a sleek silhouette. If you’re short, a three-piece suit with a vest or a double-breasted jacket could add some weight to your frame and create a balanced look. Whatever your body type, make sure you get the suit tailored to fit you perfectly, without any bagginess or sagging.

Play with Accessories: A wedding suit without accessories is like a cake without frosting- incomplete and bland. Adding the right accessories to your suit can elevate your look from good to great and reflect your personality at the same time. Some accessories you may want to consider include a tie or a bowtie (in a contrasting or complementary colour to your suit), a pocket square (in a similar or patterned fabric to your tie), cufflinks (in gold or silver or a fun design), a watch (in a classic or modern style), and dress shoes (in leather or suede or a fun colour). Make sure you don’t overdo it with accessories, though, as less is often more in formal wear.

Stick to Your Budget: As much as we’d all love to splurge on our wedding suit, the reality is that most of us have a budget to stick to. However, having a modest budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or quality. You can still find a great wedding suit that fits your budget by shopping around, looking for sales or deals, and choosing a suit that’s versatile enough to wear on other occasions as well. You may want to invest in a good fabric and a classic style that won’t go out of fashion, instead of choosing a trendy or flashy suit that may not be suitable for future weddings or events.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun: Ultimately, the most important thing about your wedding suit is that it makes you feel confident, handsome, and happy. Don’t stress too much about getting everything perfect and enjoy the process of choosing your wedding suit. Involve your friends, family, or partner in the decision-making, try on different styles and accessories, and trust your instinct. After all, it’s your wedding day, and you deserve to look and feel your best.

Phew, we made it to the end. By now, you should have a clear idea of how to pick the perfect mens wedding suit for your big day. Just remember to know your wedding style, consider your body type and fit, play with accessories, stick to your budget, and have fun. With these tips in mind, you’ll surely find the suit that makes you shine and swoon your bride. Happy shopping!

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