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Medellín has another 80 iOS developers

This course was taught by Fernando Rodriguez Romero, renowned instructor in Europe and the Americas.

Almost 600 developers, students and teachers from Medellín and from more than 10 municipalities in the metropolitan area, applied to the program ” Course in iOS Fundamentals to develop Apps for iPhone and iPad ” led by Ruta N and dictated by Arunovo.

After a rigorous selection process, the 80 most outstanding developers in the region were chosen, who for almost 3 months trained in this completely practical course, in which each student finished their first iphone/ipad app ready to be uploaded on appstore .

This course was taught by Fernando Rodriguez Romero , recognized instructor in Europe and the Americas , achieving a dropout rate of 0%, and an excellent rating for it by students and teachers, who also achieved outstanding performance marks during the course.

For their part, more than 65 companies, development agencies and entrepreneurs from all corners of the country and Latin America are part of the selection and recruitment program for these junior iOS developers , of which 57 are currently looking for full-time jobs. complete, for projects or business practices. In the last 2 weeks, 4 new hires have been made under this dynamic.

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