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Secure IoT – Secure Work Environment

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an evolutionary result of Artificial Intelligence (AI). IoT refers to the range of physical devices having the capability of processing complex data and communicating it to other devices via the internet or other communication medium.

The Industrial Internet of Things:

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), as referred to by the name, is the use of the Internet of Things in industrial devices or industrial work environments. Sensors and indicators, that can process data and communicate it to other devices, are being installed and machine-to-machine communication (M2M) is necessary for a controlled operation.

All of these devices have one thing in common; they all send and receive data. Data is the most crucial part of any system and critical decisions are made while depending on reliable data. Security breaches, sensitive information leaking out, or even worse, the data being tampered with are the topmost concern for any organization that holds any sort of data of value.

Data breaches are becoming more common and their frequency has increased exponentially. To put this into perspective, Ransomware (a virus that encrypts your data and asks you to send money to decrypt it back) increased by 57 times in 2021 as compared to Ransomware attacks in 2015. Apple and Facebook have seen their most sensitive information (data gathered on their audience) leaked multiple times.

Hexnode – Easy-to-use IoT Device Management Solution:

Hexnode has an easy-to-use IoT device management solution that takes the worry of a breach away from you. We combine two different fields in data science, Digital Signage Solutions, and Ruggedized Device Management, and the final result is a robust and secure IoT system.

The Digital Signage Solution provides customizability and tailors the system according to your needs, may it be customizing the screen according to your brand and aesthetics, having control over media, or gaining access to your unattended devices. Digital Signage Solution will have you covered and provide the best user experience.

Hexnode Mobile Device Management has IoT devices on the ready and is swiftly deployed using effective methods such as Zero Touch Enrollment (ZTE) and Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME). It allows you to control and manage the device from your fingertips anywhere in the world. You can get a live update, track location, sort out problems, and even delete your data from any deployed device if the need arises.

We are ever-expanding our operations to provide our customers with the best in the market. Our latest technological feat in securing IoT devices is the addition of Extended Reality (XR), Android Open Source Project (AOSP), and Wearables support.

Hexnode is an award-winning organization that is truly dedicated to serving its customers in the best possible way and to further solidify this claim, we have kept our pricing flexible. It does not matter what size of an enterprise you are, by looking at your requirements, we tailor our pricing plans to be placed well in your budget.

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