The Best Brunch Spots in Greensboro

Brunch is a fantastic meal caught right between breakfast and lunch that allows a little booze and a lot of flavors.  Greensboro has you covered if you’re ready for a leisurely morning leading into a fantastic meal that will start the day off right.

These are some of the best brunch spots in the city, and why they’re so fantastic!

Scrambled Southern Diner

It wouldn’t be North Carolina without a little southern comfort!  Scrambled Southern Diner is a delicious destination that offers affordable and hearty southern dishes alongside regional draft beer and seating inside and outside.  Scrambled Southern Diner pays attention to the details, allowing for awesome jam and incredible pancakes large enough to keep you full for the rest of the afternoon.  This is the best place to go if you want a great time with awesome food.

Print Works Bistro

You’ll need to reserve a table if you want to dine at Print Works Bistro, but it’s worth the fuss!  This fine dining experience gives you a mix of creative and delicious southern food and a large wine list you’ll love exploring.  Diners who stopped in love the garlic shrimp risotto and the fresh trout and seafood.  The scenery is fantastic, allowing you to enjoy a patio surrounded by beautiful greenery.  This is a great way to start any day.

Mimi’s Cafe

If you need a break from looking at Greensboro apartments for rent and want a tasty meal, it’s time to head to Mimi’s Cafe.  At home in the Friendly Center in Greensboro, this brunch spot offers French and American favorites in a rustic cafe setting.  Locals love the crispy bacon and the punchy triple berry mimosa.

The staff is a winning team, with many guests saying they come back time and time again just for the employees and their awesome banter.  This is a more affordable bistro and a great choice.

The Sage Mule

If you’re ready for a restaurant that specializes in delicious food and is only open in the morning and early afternoon, you’ll love the Sage Mule.  At home in downtown Greensboro, this is an awesome restaurant that’s always a popular stop on the weekends.  The chicken sandwich is good enough that people say they come back just for it, and the classic diner fair and pastries are nothing to ignore either!

Tex & Shirley’s Family Restaurant

The highest-rated breakfast spot in Greensboro, with a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, Tex and Shirley’s Family restaurant is also the most affordable restaurant on this list!  The food is delicious and consistent, and the stay is incredible and efficient.  Locals love the fun diner atmosphere and the delicious mixed drinks.  This is a perfect choice for any brunch bunch!

Brunch is the Best Way to Start the Day

Brunch allows you to start the day with a large and delicious meal you won’t forget any time soon.  If you’re ready to start the morning with friends and drinks, stop into one of these amazing restaurants!

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