Weekly KuCoin Analysis


KuCoin is a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a high level of security and a user-friendly interface and offers many promotions, including its proprietary token–KuCoin Shares. Each week, we publish a high-level overview of the global cryptocurrency news and provide an analysis of the most recent developments on KuCoin.KuCoin has been a favorite of the crypto community since it launched in July 2017. This digital assets bitcoin exchange offers a plethora of coins, and it’s no wonder that it’s become so popular—it’s got an intuitive interface, fast transactions, and low fees.

Weekly Analysis

The platform also has a rewards system for its active users. You get 50Let’s start by taking a look at the BTC / USDT pair:

The price of BTC has had an exciting week on Kucoin: it opened at $12,615.74 on Sunday morning but then quickly fell to $10,907 by Monday evening before rebounding slightly later in the week to end up at $11,847.80 by Friday night—a 4% change from where it started last week!

During this period, the volume traded on Kucoin was also relatively high: approximately $1 billion worth of BTC was changed. According to CoinMarketCap data % discount on trading fees if you hold KuCoin Shares (KCS), the platform’s native token. Not only that, but you’ll earn KCS every time you trade on KuCoin!


This week, Kucoin has continued to make headlines for its unique approach to security, its unique approach to user education, and its unique approach to its product lines. Last week, Kucoin announced that it would be implementing facial recognition software to increase security. To ensure the safety of our users’ assets and protect them from any potential threats, we are constantly improving our internal systems and processes. One of the most critical areas where we need to improve is user authentication processes. Therefore, we have decided to fully implement facial recognition software into our daily operations by 2022. By doing so, we will be able to provide a higher level of security than traditional methods while also increasing user convenience. We believe this will allow us to continue growing as a platform and become one of the top 10 exchanges in the world!

Trading Platform

Its trading platform is easy to use and offers many features: it allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies with credit card payments; it provides users with an elaborate user interface; it includes support for many languages; it will enables users to customize their watchlists; it supports multiple languages; it provides detailed statistics about each coin’s performance; it has a mobile app available for Android devices, and it allows users to trade on their mobile devices without any problems whatsoever!


The addition of facial recognition technology into their processes is just one example of how Kucoin has innovated since its inception in 2017. The company also recently announced it would be opening a new office in Tokyo, Japan, after receiving requests from Japanese investors who wanted access to more domestic products like Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

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