What are some of the top jobs to work with children?

One of the best parts of being a kid is spending time with some amazing people (aka teachers) in your life. Teachers, babysitters and other child care jobs help children develop skills that will serve them well throughout life. But what are some of the best jobs for people who love working with kids? Let’s take a look at some top options:


You can help children of all ages learn and grow as a teacher. Teachers make up one of the most common occupations with children. When people think of a teacher, they often imagine someone who works in a classroom with students during the school day. But many different teaching jobs may involve working outside the classroom or even after school hours. For example:

  • Elementary school teachers instruct children in grades K-5 on basic reading, writing, science and maths skills
  • Special education teachers work with students who have disabilities and other challenges
  • Preschool teachers instruct toddlers how to play cooperatively together

Child care worker.

One of the best child care jobs is being a childcare worker. Childcare workers oversee the needs of children too young to be in school. They play an important role in providing care and supervision and maintaining cleanliness within the facility. Childcare workers also provide education and enrichment activities for children to ensure that they learn social skills, communicate with others, and develop motor skills.

A childcare worker must have a high school diploma or GED and work experience with children under 12 years old. Some states require additional certifications such as CPR or First Aid; check your state’s requirements when applying for this job.


Nannies, or childcare providers, take care of children inside or outside the home. Nannies are responsible for providing food, clothing and other necessities while supervising homework and playing games with their charges. Nannies may also be asked to do housekeeping chores like cleaning floors or doing laundry. They’re usually paid a salary by their employers but sometimes receive some portion.

Camp counsellor.

Camp counsellors are responsible for the safety and well-being of campers. They must be trained in first aid, CPR and other skills necessary to keep children safe. Camp counsellors also have to be available 24 hours a day, which means they may work evening shifts or be asked to work weekends. Camp counsellors must be good at communicating with children and know how to handle situations that might arise during their employment.

Child life specialist.

Child life specialists provide emotional support to children and their families through difficult medical procedures. A child life specialist might work in the hospital but can also be found in other settings, such as primary care offices or clinics.

To become a child life specialist, you’ll need to earn an undergraduate degree and complete a yearlong internship.

Paediatric or child psychologist.

A psychologist is a mental health professional who helps people with mental health issues. They can work in hospitals, clinics, schools and private practice. They can help children with autism, depression, anxiety, ADHD and more. Psychologists must complete graduate school and pass exams to become licensed psychologists.


Careers that work with children can be incredibly rewarding and bring a sense of fulfilment. But there are also many different jobs to work with children, so it’s important to find one that fits your interests and skills. If you’re interested in becoming an early childhood teacher, consider studying at an accredited college or university for your degree.

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