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What can Yasmina voice assistant do?

Yasmina is a virtual voice assistant from technology company Yango. She recognizes natural speech, can simulates live dialogue, answers questions and solves various user tasks.

Yasmina’s information processing is based on two steps:

  1. Processing the user’s natural speech: Yasmina hears and instantly recognises queries. At the same time, she accurately extracts the nuances of speech; the assistant understands addresses and identifies words even when there is extraneous noise.
  2. Working with the database: Yasmina regularly accesses servers for up-to-date information, such as tomorrow’s weather or exchange rates.

Speech recognition skills help Yasmina identify the gender of the user and understand hundreds of Arabic dialects, including Egyptian and Lebanese. Below are a few simple and useful features that will come in handy in everyday life.

Where Yasmina lives

The voice assistant is featured in all Yango services and apps. She interacts with users in Arabic and English, speaks fluent Khaleeji and understands basic dialects. Yasmina suggests songs to listen to, chats with you and answers any questions.

Yasmina’s skills

Start getting to know your voice assistant by reviewing all the useful features of Yasmina. Ask her what she can do, and she will show you a list of her skills in the app. Yasmina can play music for different moods, tell you the news, provide the weather forecast, share a joke, or just chat with you about various topics.

Personalised endless music streaming

Central to the innovation of Yango’s services is an endless, artificial intelligence-based music streaming service that generates personalized playlists for users, highlighting regionally popular tracks. This ensures that each user’s experience is unique and reflects their personal choices. As the product evolves, its recommendation technology adapts, providing relevant content that matches individual preferences and cultural nuances.

Internet search

Yasmina will find the information you need in seconds. You can ask her for the results of the national football team’s games, find out the weather, or inquire about a historical fact.

Local scenarios

Yasmina is tailored to Arabic audiences, understands different dialects, and can remind you of prayers, dates in the religious calendar, or the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Try Yasmina’s skills to solve everyday tasks quickly and easily.


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