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What Is the Best Mobile Handheld Machine Terminal?

Workers used to manually verify incoming orders and record things into an inventory system, which meant there may be a lot of errors, resulting in unanticipated stock outages, overpayment to suppliers, and dead stock. A solution would be to use PDAs to scan goods while verifying product integrity. Handheld PDA scanners are commonly employed in various industries, including apparel wholesale, jewelry management, retail inventory, asset inventory, warehouse management, etc. This article overviews the many types of intelligent handheld machines and makes recommendations based on various applications.

UROVO handheld PDA Models

– DT50(U): The UROVO DT50(U) is an intelligent handheld RFID reader. Being an excellent UHF RFID reader, the DT50U’s integrated 5dBi high-sensitivity RFID antenna can cover a wider scanning range, allowing for the rapid reading of many RFID labels within 20m. The DT50U handheld RFID scanner’s diverse functionalities are extensively employed in various business scenarios such as apparel wholesale, jewelry management, retail inventory, asset inventory, warehouse management, etc.

– UROVO RT40: The RT40 is a rugged handheld PDA scanner for cold chain warehouse management. It comes with a professional anti-condensation screen and cold-resistant characteristics that can be used commonly even in low-temperature conditions. The RT40 long-distance scanner features an experienced 1D/2D barcode scanning engine and on-screen barcode scanning and can effortlessly identify and decode barcodes within a 15-meter scanning range.

– DT50H: With built-in anti-pandemic registration software, DT50H portable smart mobile terminals can be used for real-time infrared body temperature measurement and personnel information control, such as scanning ID cards and taking pictures. It may also record and export the identification, body temperature, time, and other personnel information at any moment to maintain control of the situation in an emergency.


Since its inception in 2006, UROVO has been the world’s leading industry mobile application solutions provider. It is one of the first organizations in China to focus on the research and development of industry mobile application products. Urovo, based on intelligent terminals and rooted in core technology, delivers digital solutions for customers in logistics, retail, finance, medical care, manufacturing, government, transportation, and other industries. If you’re seeking an innovative portable PDA, go no further than UROVO.

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