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A Comprehensive Guide to Smart Bulbs

Smart bulbs are a boon to the bulb industry and its market. People prefer them over LED bulbs, which have a lot of potential today. They offer people many benefits, including convenience, cost-effectiveness, etc. In addition, they are simple to use and can be controlled by your mobile device and even voice commands. Therefore, you need to know many things about smart light bulb that will encourage you to buy them and make your life easier.

How do they work?

They are similar to simple LED bulbs but have a lot more features than them. They are controlled by your phone or tablet. This works with the help of a hub which will become a pathway between these bulbs and mobile devices.

This hub is connected to the router. Some bulbs don’t even use routers and have an inbuilt function to connect them directly to phones. This will change light colors, brightness or intensity depending on your requirements.

How to set it up?

Setting up your smart light bulb is not very rocket science and is simple. They don’t require any complicated installations and wiring. However, you need to follow some steps regarding it.

  • Plug in the hub- If your smart bulb needs to, connect it to the router first.
  • Remove old bulb- You need to remove your old bulb and place this new smart bulb into its socket.
  • App Store- Download the mobile application of the brand you bought the bulb for mentioned in the manuals.
  • Connect- Connect your mobile application to the bulb with the help of Bluetooth or another way, according to your manual.
  • Name the bulbs- When you pair many bulbs, you must distinguish them. So name it accordingly.

What are these bulbs?

These are wireless devices which can be controlled with the help of your mobile phone or remote. You can set up combinations in different rooms based on the time of day. They last even longer than regular LED bulbs and save more energy even if they offer more features.

Types of smart bulbs

Many different types of intelligent bulbs have different ranges, shapes and sizes. Every build has different letters and numbers, for example, A18. It helps you know the size of your socket and its compatibility. The most common are A19 and E26.

Are they worth buying?

Although they are more expensive than regular LED bulbs, these are cost-effective in the long run. They are highly efficient and save energy compared to them. You can even group all the smart light bulbs in your house and make them off before leaving, saving you more money. You don’t need to leave the room to do it. They have a life age of around 15 to 25 years, much more than standard bulbs.

What should you look for before buying one?

Many features should be checked before buying any intelligent light bulb.

Hub requirement

Not every bulb needs a hub to run, and they have inbuilt technology that helps pair them directly to your devices, so buy according to your choice.


These bulbs come in different sizes, so check according to the design and size of your socket.

App features

These bulbs offer many features like connecting to other devices, voice commands, etc. check the list of features you need before purchasing it.


Most intelligent bulbs work around 60 watts, enough for your desired brightness.

Scheduling feature

This is an important feature you should look for before buying as it will lower your efforts, and you can schedule your routine. In addition, the bulb will change the lights according to the time you fixed it. This will help put less strain on the eyes and improve sleep quality.

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