Are You Using Your Hairpiece The Right Way?

Are you wearing your hairpiece the right way? If not, it can start to cause problems! In this blog article, we’re going to discuss the function of a hairpiece and some of its benefits.

What is the Function of a Hair Piece?

Most hair pieces are worn to cover thinning hair or to add volume and fullness to the hair that is not naturally present. Hair pieces come in various shapes and sizes and can be made from different materials, including metal, plastic, and human hair.

The most common type of hair piece is a clip-on style, which attaches to the scalp with a clip. Clip-on styles are easy to put on and take off, and they are generally adjustable to be customized to fit different head sizes. They can also be worn in several ways, including braid wrap, topknot, or ponytail. Clip-on styles are generally less secure than other hair pieces and may require regular adjustment or replacement if they become loose or damaged.

Hair pieces can be made from human hair. Wigs are usually made from human hair, but there are also options available that are made from synthetic materials. Wigs are usually more expensive than clip-on styles, but they offer greater flexibility and durability. They can be styled in many different ways and often provide better coverage than the clip.

Benefits of Having a Hair Piece

When you have a hairpiece, you can enjoy many benefits. Here are four of the most common:

  1. You Can Avoid Hair Loss. A hairpiece can help avoid hair loss in areas where your hair is thinning. If you don’t have a hairpiece, your scalp will start to produce more oil to compensate for the lack of hair. This oil production can lead to dandruff, bad hair days, and even bald patches. By wearing a hairpiece, you can prevent any of these problems.
  2. You Can Look Younger. A hairpiece can help you look younger by giving back some of the volumes you may have lost over time. When your hair is thinned out or missing, it can make you look older and frailer than your actual age. Some people opt for a hairpiece because they want to appear younger without having to go through surgery or take any other measures that would be invasive.
  3. You Can Improve Your Appearance Overall. A good hairstyle is important, but a great hairstyle doesn’t always accompany good grooming practices or skin care habits. Wearing a rightable hairpiece can help improve your appearance.

Things to Avoid Doing With Your Hairpiece

When it comes to using your hairpiece, there are a few things you should avoid doing to keep it in good condition. First, here are four things you should avoid doing with your hairpiece:

  1. Not cleaning it regularly- Your hairpiece will get covered in product and sweat, which will make it difficult to take care of and ultimately damage the piece. Make sure to clean it at least once a week, if not more, depending on use.
  2. Not storing it correctly- If you don’t have a storage case for your hairpiece, chances are it will get damaged if not used regularly. Store your hairpiece in a cool, dry place where it can’t be exposed to humidity or extreme temperatures.
  3. Not caring for the attachment points- The attachments that connect your hairpiece to your head can become loose over time, causing the piece to come off during use. Check the attachment points every time you put on your hairpiece to keep them secure.
  4. Not combing it frequently- If your hairpiece is not combed often enough, tangles will form, which can be difficult to remove and cause damage. Combing your hair is helpful to your hairpiece.


Hairpieces can be a great way to add interest and color to your hair, but you need to ensure you are using them the right way to look their best. For example, if you have questions about how to wear a hairpiece or if you notice that it is not behaving as intended, do not hesitate to contact us at

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