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Autophix Universal Car Scanners: Advanced Diagnostics Made Easy

In the world of automotive diagnostics, Autophix stands out as a trusted brand providing high-quality solutions to both professionals and enthusiasts. With their OM129EU full mode code reader, Autophix has revolutionized the way we diagnose vehicle issues. Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of Autophix’s universal car scanners.

  1. Effortless Error Code Detection

Autophix OM129EU boasts seamless connectivity, allowing users to effortlessly retrieve error codes and gain a brief description of the issue at hand. With just a simple connection, you can dive into your vehicle’s engine health status, putting you in control of the diagnostic process.

  1. Comprehensive OBD2 Functions

Equipped with a wide range of OBD2 functions, Autophix scanners provide a complete diagnostic experience. You can easily read and erase codes, check I/M readiness, access data streams, analyze freeze frame data, perform O2 sensor tests, and monitor on-board systems and components. It’s like having a mechanic by your side.

  1. Invaluable Additional Features

Autophix’s dedication to user convenience is evident with the inclusion of extra functionalities. Real-time battery voltage monitoring ensures you have essential insights into your vehicle’s power source. The help function key guides you through the diagnostic steps, making the process more user-friendly. Additionally, the records and playback DTC feature lets you track and review past diagnostic results effortlessly.


Autophix universal car scanners, exemplified by the OM129EU, provide distributors with top-of-the-line diagnostic tools that deliver accurate and insightful information about vehicle health. With extensive OBD2 functions, protocol support, and user-friendly features, Autophix scanners empower users to take control of their vehicle maintenance and repair needs. Elevate your diagnostic game with Autophix and ensure your customers’ vehicles stay on the road without a hitch.

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