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Beyond the Ride: The Transformative Role of a Digital Display on Electric Scooters

In the ever-evolving world of electric scooters with digital display, technology plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall riding experience. Among the innovative features, the digital display stands out as a game-changer, providing riders with real-time information and control at their fingertips. This blog explores the multifaceted roles of a digital display on electric scooters and introduces the QMY HT-T4 – a scooter that not only embraces cutting-edge technology but also elevates your ride with its LCD display, showcasing essential driving information for riders.

Roles of a Digital Display on Electric Scooters

Real-Time Speed Monitoring: The digital display serves as a speedometer, offering riders real-time information on their current speed. This feature not only helps riders stay within speed limits but also contributes to a safer and controlled riding experience.

Battery Status and Range Estimation: Keep track of your battery’s status and estimated range with the digital display. Riders can gauge how much battery power is remaining and plan their journey accordingly, ensuring they don’t run out of power unexpectedly.

Trip Distance and Odometer: The digital display provides valuable information on the distance traveled during a specific trip and the overall odometer reading. This feature is handy for tracking commuting patterns, maintenance intervals, and overall usage of the electric scooter.

Mode Selection and Customization: Many electric scooters offer multiple riding modes, and the digital display is the control hub for selecting and customizing these modes. Riders can switch between modes based on their preferences or specific riding conditions.

Error Codes and Diagnostic Information: In the event of any issues or malfunctions, the digital display often provides error codes and diagnostic information. This feature assists riders in identifying potential problems and facilitates communication with technicians for efficient troubleshooting.

Introducing QMY HT-T4 – Electric Scooter with LCD Display

Now, let’s unveil QMY’s advanced contribution to the digital era of electric scooters – the QMY HT-T4. With its intuitive LCD display, the QMY HT-T4 not only embraces the roles mentioned above but also offers riders a seamless interface for an enhanced commuting experience. Here are the key specifications:

Max Range: Cover substantial distances with a maximum range of 55km (34 miles), ensuring that your commutes are both efficient and extensive.

Speed: Cruise confidently at speeds of up to 33km/h (20mph), enjoying a dynamic and responsive ride as you navigate urban landscapes.

Rated Power: The QMY HT-T4 boasts a powerful 500W rated motor, providing the necessary thrust for a thrilling yet controlled commuting experience.

LCD Display: The standout feature of the QMY HT-T4 is its intuitive LCD display, providing riders with essential driving information, including speed, battery status, trip distance, and mode selection. The digital display elevates the riding experience, offering both functionality and style.


As electric scooters continue to evolve, the inclusion of a digital display marks a significant leap forward in rider interaction and control. QMY’s HT-T4, with its LCD display, not only encapsulates the transformative roles of this technology but also sets a new standard for the modern commuting experience. Embrace the future of electric scooters with the QMY HT-T4, where every ride becomes an immersive journey, guided by the information and control at your fingertips.

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