Do 80% of VPN users put themselves at risk?

Free VPN services are experiencing a rise in demand. An exclusive TechRadar PRO survey revealed that approximately 60% of US residents have switched to a free plan.

In countries with strict internet restrictions, the number of people who consider a free tool a necessity is even greater.

After collecting insights from more than 2,000 internet users in China, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, research (opens in new tab), was conducted by no-fee VPN provider hola along with Vanson Bourne market research firm. It revealed that around 80% of respondents would consider using an online bypass tool to bypass onlinecensorship.

Many freebies, however, are also known for not protecting users’ privacy. This is likely why 97% of respondents (including 99% in China) would prefer to see more providers make online content available for everyone.

“We agree that technology companies in these regions should do more to address this,” stated Avi Raz Cohen, Hola’s General Manager.

“We are proud that we provide free VPN technology and webtools that unlock online content and bypass restrictions.

Over the next year, the VPN market will grow.

Internet restrictions can have a significant impact on citizens’ daily lives. Nearly four out of ten respondents stated that they cannot access online education or other resources. 29% struggle with staying informed.

It’s no surprise that over 80% of internet users expect the demand for the best VPN services will continue to grow as authoritarian governments improve their web censorship strategies.

Raz Cohen stated that the internet was intended to be a global resource without borders that would benefit all of us. However, due to geopolitical interferences it is becoming increasingly restricted in some regions. We must all unite to combat this.”

Free VPN that doesn’t compromise your privacy

You should use caution when downloading only free VPN apps. This is because these apps are more likely to be paid for. Your privacy can be compromised by ads that collect and share your personal information with other parties.

There are many premium providers that offer users a no-fee, secure plan.

Our #1 recommendation is the Swiss-based ProtonVPN. The reliable, free plan is a great way to bypass internet restrictions and avoid intrusive government surveillance. It comes with limited data bandwidth, three secure servers (USA, Netherlands, Japan), and advanced security features such as split tunneling and a kill switch.

PrivadoVPN is another valuable option. Although it has a data limit, 10GB is sufficient for most users to continue their normal activities in privacy. It also supports P2P sharing. But the best part about it is its streaming capability. During testing, we were able to unblock US Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Prime Video.

You can choose from 14 secure servers in 11 countries if you select Canada-based Winscribe. Last time we checked, Netflix UK was unlocked.

Other trusted providers that offer free services include AtlasVPN, TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield.

A premium provider may offer a free trial if you’re looking for a temporary solution. All of our top services come with a 30- or 45-day money back guarantee. You will receive a refund if you cancel your subscription within the trial period.

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