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Elevate Your Trailer Experience with DNL’s RJT5015SB Adjustable Leg Support Stand

Experience enhanced stability and versatility with DNL‘s RJT5015SB adjustable leg support stand. This innovative product features swivel feet that adapt to uneven terrain, ensuring stability on rough surfaces and providing a reliable foundation for your trailer.

Enhanced Stability on Any Terrain

The RJT5015SB adjustable leg support stand’s swivel feet are designed to adapt to varying terrains, offering stability on rough and uneven surfaces. With this feature, users can confidently park their trailers on challenging ground conditions while maintaining a secure and steady foundation.

Effortless Operation and Better User Experience

Designed for user comfort and ease of use, the adjustable leg support stand is equipped with an ergonomic knob that ensures effortless operation with no feelings of tiredness. This feature enhances the overall user experience, making setup and adjustment hassle-free and convenient for all users.

Smooth and Safe Operations

DNL’s RJT5015SB adjustable leg support stand is built with premium-quality gears that enhance the smoothness and safety of operations. The superior gear mechanism ensures precise and reliable adjustments, contributing to a seamless and secure experience for users when setting up their trailers.


With a focus on longevity, convenience, and safety, the RJT5015SB adjustable leg support stand from DNL is a top choice for trailer owners looking for stability and ease of use. The swivel feet provide adaptability on various terrains, while the ergonomic knob ensures effortless operation for a better user experience. Premium-quality gears and durable spindle and bearings contribute to the extended lifespan of this jockey stand, ensuring long-term reliability. Upgrade your trailer setup with DNL’s RJT5015SB adjustable leg support stand for improved load distribution and enhanced stability during all your towing adventures.

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