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Empowering Your Energy Needs with PEX-MAX-ALL IN ONE ESS by Paris Rhône Energy

Paris Rhône Energy‘s PEX-Series residential energy storage system is a versatile and efficient solution designed to cater to the diverse power requirements of modern households and businesses. This residential battery storage, known for its modular design, offers easy installation and scalability, enabling users to customize their energy setup according to their specific needs.

Modular and Expandable Design

The PEX-Series solar energy storage system is built on a modular approach, allowing for hassle-free installation and expansion based on power demands. With a capacity range of 10.24-76.8kWh, this system can adapt to a wide spectrum of power requirements, providing users with the flexibility to adjust their energy storage capabilities as needed.

Customizable Energy Solutions

Equipped with a standard module set featuring a 5120Wh2 capacity, the PEX-Series offers the option to expand by adding up to 15 modules. This unique feature empowers users to tailor their solar battery backup system to match their energy consumption patterns, ensuring efficient utilization and cost-effectiveness. Whether powering a small residence or a large commercial establishment, the PEX-Series residential energy storage system offers the versatility and scalability required to meet diverse energy needs.

Versatile Power Output

With an impressive 5120Wh2 output capacity, the PEX-Series from Paris Rhône Energy can power a wide array of devices and appliances, from laptops and refrigerators to heavy-duty machinery like saws or even electric vehicles such as Tesla cars. This exceptional power output makes the PEX-Series a reliable and comprehensive energy source capable of meeting the varied power demands of any household or commercial setting.


In conclusion, the PEX-MAX-ALL IN ONE ESS by Paris Rhône Energy represents a cutting-edge residential energy storage system designed to provide users with a customizable, scalable, and high-powered energy solution. With its modular design, expandable capacity, and versatile power output, the PEX-Series offers a practical and efficient way to meet the evolving energy needs of contemporary living and working spaces.

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