Google will stop blocking ads from Android VPN apps

Google has confirmed it will soon block VPN apps from its Android Play Store Marketplace. This will prevent advertising agencies from interfering or stopping.

In July 2022, the company’s developer program policy stated that only VPN apps using VPN service (whose primary function is to provide a virtual private network will be allowed to create a secure device-level tunnel to remote servers.

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Google states that permissible VPN apps cannot collect sensitive or personal data without clear disclosure and user consent. They should not manipulate or redirect traffic nor manipulate ads that could have an effect on the monetization of other services.

Are Android VPN apps allowed?

Google revealed earlier this year that it would make some changes to the Play Store. This includes imposing some very heavy restrictions on VPN apps available for download on Android smartphones.

Blokada’s blog post also suggests that v6 will not have the same problems because it uses cloud filtering. Blokada claims that this does not violate Google policies. It should also have less battery life, device speed, and network speed implications than local VPN filtering.

A DuckDuckGo spokesperson stated in an email to the Register: “We don’t believe that we’ll be impacted but our team continues to review it.”

Are iOS VPN apps permitted?

Are you thinking of switching to iOS? Google isn’t the only company limiting VPN services offered by apps.

Apple requires VPN apps to use the NEVPNManager API. Developers should also be associated with a company, not individuals.

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