Hex Socket Cap Screws Offer Superior Holding Power

Hex Socket Cap Screws Offer a Superior Hold

If you look closely at many of the modern high-tech machines in use today, you may notice they use different fasteners than the regular slot-head or Philips-head screws that we’re used to seeing. You’ll notice the fasteners in use in many machines feature a thick head with corrugations around the edge. What you’re seeing are hex socket cap screws. These screws are largely replacing the screws of old as they can be tightened much more firmly and offer a better hold than slot-head or Philips-head screws. They are also used in places where traditional screwdrivers can’t easily reach.

Hex socket cap screws are becoming commonplace in applications where vibration and movement are constant factors to be dealt with.

Characteristics of Hex Socket Cap Screws

These screws look slightly different than the traditional screws you’ve known and possibly used. To begin with, they’re tightened by using an Allen wrench instead of a screwdriver. The six-sided Allen wrench is inserted into the same-sized six-sided hole in the head of the screw. The six sides do away with the slippage and stripping you can encounter when using a traditional screwdriver. This helps you maximize the torque you can apply in tightening the screw and makes for a more substantial hold.

Allen wrenches are also designed to offer two angles you can tighten them. You can use them like a traditional screwdriver and apply force directly down on the head of the screw, or you can use Allen wrenches that have a 90-degree bend in them and tighten the screw from the side. This makes the screws the number one choice for applications that have a limited amount of headroom above the screw.

You’ll also notice that the depth of a six-sided hole in a hex socket cap screw is much deeper than a slot-head or Philips-head screw offers, and the length of the threaded part of the screw is generally longer than normal. These are both facets that ensure the screws can be tightened much more securely than traditional screws.

Withstanding Vibrations and Movement

The screws have been developed to provide a solution to the technological demands of today’s machines. The machines of today often must be able to run considerably longer without any sort of time-consuming and expensive maintenance. The longer the threaded part of the screw is, the more surface area it offers in holding power.

These screws offer superior holding power, making them a low-cost solution to machines that vibrate and have a lot of movement as a characteristic of their operation.

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