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How to cast voice-over

Apps, video games, TV ads, online educational materials, films, podcasts, and many other projects require exceptional voice-over. To learn more about the instances when voice-over is essential and the tricks for casting the best voice-over actors, keep reading!

When is voice-over needed?

As people have different perception mechanisms such as visual, audio, and tactile, they receive information using the corresponding communication channels. It is known that the combination of the senses stimulates better perception and faster comprehension of the information provided. This is why audio-visual production continues to be the most popular form of entertainment, advertising, and content.

Many TV ad providers have already realized the benefits of using audio and graphical elements together, so most TV ads come in the form of video and voice-over. Another essential use of voice-over is for anything animated. The characters in games, cartoons and anime all need a voice to represent them, with a sound that matches their characteristics.

Recently, voice-over is also widely used in mobile applications as it improves user experience and helps in navigation for people with hearing disabilities. Voice-overs are also very common in the educational sphere – audiobooks have become a lifesaver for those who want to learn on the go.

Best practices on how to cast a voice-over

To select the right narrator for your particular project, you should first find a professional voice-over company such as or

The Voquent service is ideal. Find voices from any geographical region and with the vocal characteristics that your project requires. There is no need to settle or make do when you have plenty of choice. There are around 70,000 demo samples to listen to, so you can find the perfect voice and there are 1700 accents and dialects to choose from.

Given the variety of voice-over narrators, the time to select the right voices for your projects can seem never-ending on other platforms. Thanks to the advanced filter system, you can specify the necessary parameters that will narrow down your search for talent. Indicate the specific geographic area, gender, and language of the narrator. You can also select the style, tone, and vocal characteristics you need so that the filter will only display the voices that suit your project best.

Listen to demo samples and shortlist your favorite voices as you search with the click of a button. Then simply get in touch to tell Voquent about your project and what you require. You can also request a quote, describing the work that needs to be done for a price estimation.

In case you have a huge project or need a hand with casting, send a request to the Voquent project managers. They can make suggestions and use their expertise to help you cast voice-overs and narrators for your project.

As for the sound quality, every home studio is professionally vetted and approved by audio technicians so quality sound is guaranteed.

Regardless of your project type, medium, industry, or message, Voquent will help you cast voice-over with your unique requirements in mind. Get in touch today and cast the perfect voice.

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