How To Choose Weapon In Fish Table Online Games?

Weapons are the tools that contribute to the success of the online fish table. Because each rank is different, the number of weapons and their destructive power are not the same. The more weapons players own, knowing how to use them proficiently, the victory for them is extremely simple.

The following article will introduce players to a few types of weapons and how to use them effectively.

Weapons Of Online Fish Table Game

Many players of different ages love fish tables online. This game has its own charm, the reward is also generous. However, whether the player succeeds or fails depends on many factors and the weapon is one of those factors.

  • Cannon: Almost every version has the appearance of guns. However, at each rank, the gun will have different power. The higher the rank, the stronger the attack power and vice versa.
  • Bomb: A bomb that destroys an entire screen. This means that the small fish will die and the large fish will be weakened. Players only need to release one or two bullets to kill them.
  • Poison: This is a weapon that the player once sprayed can kill many fishes.
  • Radiation: Players who want to increase their chances of hitting should use radiation. Because of the wide range of effects, affected creatures also pay a bounty twice the normal rate.
  • Electric Shock: This fish shooting game weapon that when the player fires a spark, all the fish on the screen will stop.
  • Shark Trap: This weapon is only used to hunt sharks. Not all versions have sharks, but when they appear, players should prepare this weapon. It only takes one action to catch all the fish, without spending too much effort.
  • Double Gold: Player’s bonus will be doubled if they use this weapon.

How To Choose Weapon In Online Fish Table

Each weapon will bring its own benefits to the player. If the player wants to earn a lot of money, the player needs to know how to apply the right weapon in each specific case.

  • Bullet is a weapon that any player can own and use. The number of bullets is more or less depending on how small or large the fish are, their size is small or large.
  • Usually large fish move alone and small fish move in groups. If players want to catch all of them once, they can use bombs, wait for fish to appear, then throw them on the screen.
  • Poison should be used when there are many fish on the screen, the poison will kill them all at once or weaken their strength completely.
  • If the player wants the fish to stay still to release the bullets, the player can use an electric shock, they will stay still for a few seconds and the player should take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Players should not ignore radioactive weapons if they want to increase their shooting ability.


Thus, the article has introduced to players a few types of weapons commonly encountered at fish table online. However, the way to use weapons in the version will be different, varying according to the version. Therefore, players should read carefully, learn carefully the information to avoid missing big fish and miss the opportunity to hunt fish. Good luck players, get lots of bonuses!

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