How to Play Blackjack 20224 – Unbeatable Blackjack Guide

How to playBlackjack Not too difficult but a little different from the other subjects. Here, you do not compete with other players but compare scores with the house to decide success or failure. If you want to know more about the rules and how to bet, please join New88today.com to find out details in the following article.

RuleBlackjack postBlackjack Accurate for beginners

How to playBlackjack The most effective thing is that you need to understand all the rules.Blackjack or Blackjack is a familiar game using a deck of 52 cards. Each person will be dealt 2 cards and then draw up to 3 more cards from the pile to compare scores.

Regulations on dealing cards and betting

InBlackjack, you only need 2 – 4 people to start the game. There will be one person at the table who will be appointed as the “dealer”. Everyone except the dealer must bet a certain amount of money.

If you win, you will receive an amount higher than the number you bet. However, if you lose, all the money you bet will go to the house. Therefore, to be a dealer, you must have a number equal to or greater than the player’s total bet.

How to playBlackjack Not too difficult for people who have played cards in general

In the gameBlackjack, each person will be dealt 2 equal cards. The remaining cards will be kept for later drawing but the value will not be revealed to the player.

How to playBlackjack through scoring

Depending on the value of the 2 cards you have in hand, you will decide whether to draw more cards or not. The dealer will draw last and calculate the points in the following ways:

  • For cards with numbers from 2 to 10, the points are the numbers on the cards.
  • Cards shaped like J, Q, K will be scored as 1 inBlackjack.
  • Ace is a special card that can be counted as 1 point, 10 points or 11 points depending on the case.
  • Score inBlackjack is the total score of the cards in the player’s hand.

Explains how to playBlackjack in stages for newbies

In the subjectBlackjack, people will go through different stages. You must clearly understand this knowledge to have the right way to play the game.

State 1

At the beginning of the game, people will count the points from the 2 cards dealt. If you own one of the cards below, you will win without needing to continue playing.

  • You have 2 Ace cards called Poker.
  • The player has two cards including 1 Ace and 1 of the cards K, Q, J, 10.

There are many cases where you will directly win without needing to draw additional cards

If the dealer owns the above card combinations, they will win and take all the players’ money at the table. Only when one of the members has a hand higher or equal to the dealer’s will everything be balanced.

Instructions cplay yokeBlackjack in phase 2

In the next stage, people will be given the right to draw additional undealt cards. You can choose not to draw more if you think the number of points in your hand is safe and within the range of 16 – 21 points. Some cases may appear inBlackjack What you need to know is below:
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  • Non Card: Total score less than 16 points.
  • Full Card: The total score of the cards is from 16 – 21.
  • Card Quack (Too): The total score of the cards is more than 21 points.

How to playBlackjack The person to the dealer’s right will play first. Next, everyone will take turns drawing cards clockwise until stopping at the dealer.

When comparing cards, all players except the dealer must have a total score of 16 or more. If you do not reach this level, you will be defeated. The house will take all the money from players with lower scores than them.

Members should pay attention to the rules for drawing cards and calculating pointsin how to playBlackjack

If the player has a higher score, the house is forced to pay the bet equal to the amount the player initially bet. If the score is equal, it will be confirmed as a tie and both sides will return the money.

Some special cases you should know aboutBlackjack

When playing cardsBlackjack, you must remember special cases to improvise when the opportunity arises.

  • Ngu Linh: If you draw 5 cards but the total score is still less than 21, you will win absolutely. If two people have the same five spirits, the one with the higher score will win.
  • If both are over 21 points then how to playBlackjack Whichever side has less points will win.
  • If both the dealer and the player have a Quack card, it is a tie and neither side loses money.
  • If both the player and the dealer have a poker orBlackjack then the house will win.
  • If the five spirits appear on both the player and the dealer, the person with the lower total score wins.

You should pay attention to special casesBlackjack to play right


Above are detailed instructions how to playBlackjack for beginners. This card game has a different style but is not too difficult to play. If you have any questions during use, please contact New88 for detailed answers.

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