In an interview with Vn88, Rio Ferdinand stated, “C.Ronaldo will not sit happily on the bench at Man United.”

Rio Ferdinand, a former star for Manchester United, has stated that striker Cristiano Ronaldo would not remain on the bench at Old Trafford for an extended period of time but rather will work to restore his official place. Participate in the discussion of this viewpoint in the article that follows by joining Vn88:

“People aren’t able to comprehend the things that he has worked on in the past. Therefore, he will not be content to sit on the bench or to not obtain the stats he desires.

Despite this, Ronaldo will respond in a professional manner and will put his attention on training in order to reclaim the official position he currently holds. Because he didn’t participate in any of the preseason games, I can understand why he wasn’t given an official roster slot.

Even though Marcus Rashford is in good form and has scored and assisted in his last few games, the coach has a good reason for keeping him on the bench for this match “In an interview with, Rio Ferdinand discussed his thoughts on C. Ronaldo being forced to take a seat on the bench by coach Erik Ten Hag.

Ferdinand also believes that his former teammate at Manchester United, Ronaldo, will rehabilitate himself physically and mentally so that he can demonstrate that he is still vital to the Old Trafford team. Rio Ferdinand claims that not only Cristiano Ronaldo but also the midfielder Casemiro is putting in a lot of effort to improve their game in order to be able to participate in the starting lineup.

“Casemiro is a significant acquisition, but he will not be playing in the starting lineup right away. Ronaldo is in the same boat as far as his formal position goes, but I have faith that their time will come. And when it is their turn to speak. Both of them will probably continue to be on the team. I have the impression that it’s only a matter of time before the coach is forced to put their faith in them “It was confirmed by Ferdinand.

  1. Ronaldo has evolved from a performer into a player who understands the worth of football, according to Ferdinand, who has won one Champions League and six Premier League crowns with Manchester United. Ferdinand made this revelation in an interview with

“The Cristiano Ronaldo that everyone has witnessed over the past four, five, or six years is not the same Ronaldo that everyone saw when he first arrived at Manchester United. When he first started playing for Old Trafford, he had a very technical style of play.

But these days, he employs a far more pragmatic style of play, and he has made scoring his primary objective. Because he realized that the goal is the value that ultimately matters, he rose to the position of best player in the world “said Rio Ferdinand.

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