Is the reputable bookie BK8 true to the rumors?

The betting market has many different bookmakers operating, BK8 is the football bookie that has received the most positive reviews nowadays. The number of members of this bookie is always high, which makes it stay at the top among the most crowded bookies.

So, how prestigious is BK8 in fact? What advantages does this sports bookie possess? Let’s find out right here.

What are the highlights of the prestigious bookie BK8?

BK8 is one of the most reputable bookmakers in not only the Vietnamese market but also in the Asian market.

In 2017, this sports bookie was honored to receive the most prestigious bookie award in Asia.

So, in fact, do not take into account all the rewards and rumors, is the BK8 bookie reputable?

The following reviews will help you answer that important question.

BK8 has international certification

Established in 2012, as a new bookmaker on the stage, BK8 understands the importance of reputation and keeping safety issues for players.

When it was just established, the bookie tried to go through the inspection and evaluation process from the Isle Of Man gambling organization.

This is a trustworthy organization with the most rigorous evaluation process today, to become a member of this organization is not easy.

Information and policies are transparent and clear

BK8 always shows itself as a reputable gambling organization, operating legally and transparently through always clear information, and detailed player policy terms.

This bookie says absolutely no to the issue of ambiguity in terms of information or often conceals and lacks clarity about player policies.

You can easily find any information about this betting house when accessing the homepage.

Ad-free interface

The less reputable bookmakers always find ways to insert ads into their homepage interface to create more sources of income.

BK8 says no to running ads on their homepage or in their game. This is aiming for a neat, uncluttered interface to ensure the best player betting experience.

At the same time, the BK8 bookie even said no to adding spam links that made players lose money. They commit to providing the safest interface for players.

Transparent promotion, no push to top up

The betting house BK8 makes clear in promotions and incentives. Every program has a specific promotion framework, suitable offer value, defined terms, and requirements.

When the players meet all the requirements set by the betting house, they will receive the bonus.

In case of violation, intentionally cheating and abusing promotions will be sanctioned.

This is to create a safe and transparent betting and gambling playground, where every player is equal.

Huge game library

Bk8 develops its game library more and more diverse and rich with more than 5000 games, with five main genres. In detail, they are:

  • online casino
  • sports betting
  • virtual sports
  • slot games
  • keno, lottery

Each genre brings the best quality entertainment to players. Ensure players are not only entertained but also bring valuable rewards.

Nonstop promotions

Referring to the bookies that have many promotions for players, it is impossible to ignore BK8.

Every day, the house always brings many new programs to players, providing the best financial support to new players.

Some attractive programs at Bk8 can be named as:

  • Giving 120% of the top-up card value to new members
  • Receiving 80% of the top-up card for the next top-up
  • Daily refunding bets up to 1.8%

Professional customer service

The betting house BK8 always hopes to bring players the best and most comfortable betting space.

Therefore, right from the early days of establishment, this bookie has built a dedicated team of carers.

This team is available to receive players’ questions and problems 24/7, and immediately solve the problems players encounter with great attitudes.

There are number of games that attract players at BK8

Traditional sports betting

BK8’s traditional sports betting store is very diverse with many halls, players can choose to bet on sports such as Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, or sports such as Tennis, Golf…

In these competitions, players can watch live and place bets during the betting period.

eSports (electronic sports)

Esports is the convergence of many major tournaments of popular games in the world such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, and CS: GO … at these tournaments the participating teams are all strong teams, well-known in the Esport market, not only in Vietnam but also in the world.

Virtual sports

It can be said that among many operating bookies, BK8 is the trend-leading unit in the field of virtual sports betting.

Players can participate in watching the matches unfold in quick time, place bets, and get results soon.

BK8’s virtual sports are developed on the basis of quality graphics, including many genres of games that simulate traditional sports (soccer, tennis…), speed sports (horse racing, dog racing)…

Speed ​​sports

BK8’s speed sports is now having T7 Racing, which is the convergence of top dog and horse racing matches live from all over the world.

In addition, there are also virtual races integrated here so that players can easily choose to bet depending on their time conditions.

Live casino, online card game

Many of this betting house’s card games are considered unique with many playing halls, each with its own style, and professional dealers.

Casino games that you can play here are Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, Dragon Tiger, and Poker….

These games also come from reputable game manufacturers such as Pragmatic Play, AE Casino, Evolution Gaming, Asia Gaming…

Slot games

Many slot games are updated regularly, rich in themes as well as diverse in game structure, many slot games have more than 3 reels and hundreds of pre-defined wins, easy to play and easy to win.

Gambling T7 Poker

One of the recent new items of this bookie is betting T7 Poker. The game takes place neatly, and quickly, but the quality and form of play are more streamlined.

In this game, machines will act on behalf of humans as a dealer, however, the win rate is still very high and the bonus is large.

Exchange rewards shooting fish game

Shooting fish here, instead of a variety of games but low quality, similar types but repeatedly, this betting house chooses to provide A wide range of games with high quality.

This is the developing path that is not easy and cheap to follow but it will surely pay off well in long-term growth.

The games players can play here are God Fish Shooter, War Fishing, and Beast Hunter, which are games that are considered the highest versions of fish shooting games today.


In addition, players can also access many different forms of lottery, such as playing Keno, traditional Vietnamese lottery, broadening their horizons with the Hong Kong, Malaysia-style T7 4D – 6D lottery, etc.

In this game, the prize is extremely many with huge bonus odds, Jackpot can be up to billions for each prize.

3D Games

Up to now, there are about 12 3D games available at BK8. These are all popular games in the world, including Hi-Lo, Thai Tai Xiu (Thai Hi-Lo), Bau Cua Tom Ca Viet, Bau Cua Tom Ca Thai, Keno, Xoc Dia, Belangkai, Sic Bo, Fan Tan, and Tiger dragon…

The most special thing when it comes to 3D Games at the house BK8 is the extremely smooth and smooth interface.

These games are all provided by the popular Kingmaker game publisher so no wonder why the graphics do not look good.

Instructions on how to bet at the prestigious BK8 bookie

If you are new to BK8 or new to the online betting game platform then let us show you how to bet at this prestigious bookie.

To begin with, newcomers should register a free account to manage their games and their bet money. Below are the detailed instructions on how to register for a BK8 account.

How to register for a BK8 account

Step 1: Visit the official BK8 registration page of the bookie BK8

This is the first step for players to register for a BK8 account and participate in betting at the house.

At this step, players, especially new players, should pay attention to choosing the correct link to register for the official BK8 of the bookie, because at the moment, the fake web exists a lot in the betting market.

Here, Linknhacai.vip provides players the link to access the house to register for a BK8 account.

This is the official link provided by BK8 and is reserved for Vietnamese players.

Please remember that the dealer only applies the free bet bonus program for customers who quickly register for a BK8 account and bet today.

After accessing the BK8 homepage, click “Register” to proceed with the account creation.

Step 2: Fill in all required information

This step is very important, players need to fill in their information correctly. Because at BK8, players will play and bet with real money, the transaction is done through a bank account.

Therefore, filling in the correct information will make it easier for players to verify their accounts or perform transactions at the BK8 system.

  • Username: This name will be displayed during your participation in the game at BK8. The name must start with a letter, 4-15 characters long, including letters and numbers.
  • Password: Include unsigned alphanumeric characters, minimum of 6 characters. Players should note that they should set a password that is easy to remember and must be difficult to ensure safety.
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the exact password that just entered above.
  • Dealer/Referral ID: Optional BK8 dealer code may or may not be entered.
  • Email and phone number: enter the email and phone number players are using to confirm the account. An email can help players recover their password in case they forget it.
  • First and last name: This step is quite important and players need to use their real names.

The name must match the bank account so that the money can be withdrawn to the bank account later.

The bookie will compare players’ bank account name and their registered name, if it does not match, it will not be possible to withdraw money.

All information players need to provide is accurate and do not worry about information disclosure. The betting house will keep players’ information absolutely confidential and all information will be stored on a foreign server.

Step 3: Click to confirm successful BK8 account registration

After players have checked all the information one last time, just click the “SIGN UP” button.

That is when they have completed all the required steps and already have the BK8 account on the system.

Every time players want to bet, they just need to log in to BK8 with their account on the website to be able to participate!

When registering for BK8 successfully, they can proceed to deposit money into the BK8 account to be able to bet at the house.

Through the above article shared, players can obtain the most necessary information and understand all about how to register for BK8, right?

Thus, with a few simple steps to operate in a few minutes, players have successfully registered an account at BK8 and started playing here.

The betting house BK8 has many super attractive promotions for members. Let’s register to participate in the bookie and get lots of wins for yourself!

Contact LinkNhaCai.Vip via:

  • Phone: (+84) 359535392
  • Address: 2 Hai Trieu, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Website: https://linknhacai.vip

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