Mediation, Law Firms and Benefits

The law firm offers a wide range of services including negotiation and mediation other than consultancy. In general, legal services like negotiation and mediation are provided for dispute resolution, amicable settlement, without going to Court.

The intent of it is to offer Legal Assistance. It is often common for the two parties to choose to settle their legal Battle inside the court. However, other dispute settlement options allow the parties to settle matters outside the court. Alternative dispute resolution is the option that allows the legal battles to be settled out of court. Dubai has top Lawyers in Dubai for Mediation.

The negotiation is a settlement of the dispute through discussion. In this, there is no involvement of the third party.  No assistance from the third party is poured into the legal issue. Under the negotiations, the legal matter is resolved by the direct two parties associated and their lawyers and legal consultants. That is why this is called as Legal Mediation. The benefits are as follows:

  • It saves the time.
  • It saves the Cost of Court, Lawyers for the Court Cases and other expense.
  • It saves efforts, attentions and brainstorming.
  • It saves the relationship.
  • It saves the friendly terms.
  • It saves the opportunity to meet again and doing business again together.
  • It helps to resolve the matter quickly.
  • It helps to collect the Cash quickly and to manage cash flow quickly.

Under negotiation, the result or the outcome is not binding from the legal perspective. The result is more informal although the output has the power to be binding by turning into a legal product. Unlike negotiation, mediation is a trilateral discussion. This involves the parties in the dispute along with the third party. The third person is a neutral, qualified, and independent party who acts as a mediator.

This is the option that is normally preferred by the two parties who need legal aid.  Mediation allows the involvement of the intermediary party to settle the dispute amicably. Under Mediation, the output is binding by law and is more formal. The outcome is the settlement agreement which pertains to the prevailing laws and regulations. It can be considered enforceable although it doesn’t damage the third party. The ultimate decision is converted into a deed that offers it the power of legal binding.

In general, the above-mentioned alternative dispute resolution options can be categorized into two parts. One is under which the third party assistance is used while in the other the third party involvement is not sought.  Mediation belongs to the first group while on the contrary; negotiation belongs to the second. If we look at the legal viewpoint it will conclude that the negotiation has quite a literal meaning attached to it. Negotiation involves the discussion between the two parties who are directly involved in a legal matter.  It is not necessary that negotiation is used in a dispute like in mediation.

Negotiation can easily be used in case you are looking for legal help. Anyone who is looking for legal guidance can seek it.  Once both parties opt to settle the matter and are willing to work together the most desirable option is negotiation. The lawyers working in law firms provide the services. It helps in Labour and Employment matters, it helps in financial disputes, it helps in Civil Cases, or it can also be helpful in any kind of business or trade disputes

In a case where both parties are reluctant to stand one another, meditation is a good option. If both parties scant see eye to eye with each other, this will require both of them to rely on a neutral party. As a feasible option, there is a need for the involvement of a third party. All needs to be done, to hire the quality lawyers and legal consultants, so they will try to help others without any selfish benefits. Lawyers are paid to offer some services and they are supposed to offer those services.

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