Mullvad VPN cuts recurring subscriptions to the name of privacy

You probably care about your privacy online if you are reading about VPN services. To ensure your privacy, you may choose one of the best SSL VPNs. For your monthly plan to run, information must be kept.

Mullvad decided to remove all ability to create new subscriptions, all in the name to store less data about users.

Subscriptions offer convenience, but we have seen that convenience comes with a price. We no longer consider this a fair trade-off. “We care deeply about usability, but privacy must win when it comes down it to it,” said the provider in a blog post (opens in new tab).

This is a positive step in Mullvad’s commitment to privacy. This is one of the few services that doesn’t require any personal information or email address to create an account.

The provider had to keep records of all payments when it came down to recurring subscriptions. This was in order to refund, charge the user again after the initial period of coverage, or recover an account that was missing. One-time payments seem to be the only way forward. We are always looking for ways to reduce data storage while still providing an accessible service. The tension between privacy and usability is more evident in the payment area.

Mullvad’s monthly cost has been $5.50 for all plans. Although this is a significant difference from almost all other consumer VPNs, there is no reason to worry about an increase in price.

People who have an active Mullvad subscription don’t need to be concerned. Your account will continue to function as normal for six months or until your subscription ends.

Go against the grain

Mullvad’s competitors take a different approach to VPN plans. Almost all of the major names in the industry offer discounts to customers who commit to longer terms.

Let’s take a look at some examples. For only $12,95, you can get ExpressVPN in a single month. The cost of a 6-month plan is $9.99, and the 12-month plan + 3 free plans is $6.67. Users are encouraged to sign up for a longer term to get the same service at half the price.

Others, such as Surfshark or NordVPN offer long-term subscriptions at a lower price and then increase the price for automatic resubscription. Users may end up paying twice or three times the initial price after being lured by a tempting offer.

This is one side of a scam to make more money from users who do not opt out of automatic billing. It’s also not limited to the VPN industry. However, smart shoppers can get a better price by cancelling their subscription before they are rebilled.

Mullvad VPN charges a flat fee of $5,50 per month regardless of how long you have been a subscriber. The provider never forced its users to make longer commitments than they wanted, even before it announced that it would only accept non-recurring payments. Users will be able to pay for as many months as they wish in one payment, which makes things even easier.

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How to open your Mullvad one-payment account

It’s easy to get started with Mullvad. Simply go to the Mullvad website (opens in new tab), and click the yellow Start button at the top.

The account page will redirect you. Unlike most other competitors, you won’t need to enter your email address. Instead, tap the Generate account number button. This will be your unique reference.

You will then need to choose your preferred payment method. Mullvad has many payment options, including a bank wire, PayPal and a credit card. You can also choose Bitcoin or Monero cryptocurrencies. The monthly flat rate of $5,50 will be discounted by 10% if you use the latter.Once you have selected your payment method, it will allow you to select how long you wish to pay. You will need to resubscribe manually after the time expires due to the policy change.To protect your privacy while browsing the internet, you’ll need to install the Mullvad app once payment has been made. Your account will allow you to use it on five different devices simultaneously – Windows, macOS Linux, iOS, Android, and Android.

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