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Secure Your Position at TCT ASIA: Additive 3D Printing Exhibition

TCT ASIA, the renowned additive 3D printing exhibition, is calling all innovators and industry leaders to confirm their booth space and select their desired position. With a range of options available, exhibitors can tailor their presence at TCT ASIA to maximize their visibility and engage with a targeted audience. In this article, we will explore the booth options and benefits that TCT ASIA offers, ensuring exhibitors can make the most of this exceptional event.

Confirm Your Booth SQM

To ensure your company has the ideal exhibition space, it is crucial to confirm your booth size at TCT ASIA. Whether you require a compact area or a larger space, TCT ASIA offers flexibility to meet your needs. By securing the appropriate booth SQM, exhibitors can showcase their additive 3D printing solutions effectively and create a lasting impression on attendees.

Select Your Desired Position

At TCT ASIA, exhibitors have the opportunity to choose their desired booth position. This strategic decision allows companies to position themselves in high-traffic areas or near complementary exhibitors, maximizing their exposure to potential customers and fostering valuable connections. By carefully selecting the booth position, exhibitors can optimize their visibility and enhance their presence at the event.

Enjoy Discounts for Larger Spaces

For companies requiring more than 30 SQM of exhibition space, TCT ASIA offers an exclusive discount of 20% off the additional SQM. This incentive encourages exhibitors to expand their booth size, providing them with a larger canvas to showcase their additive 3D printing technologies. By taking advantage of this discount, companies can make a significant impact at TCT ASIA while optimizing their return on investment.


TCT ASIA presents an unrivaled platform for additive 3D printing exhibitors to showcase their innovations and engage with a targeted audience. By confirming booth SQM and selecting a desired position, companies can tailor their exhibition presence to maximize visibility and create meaningful connections. Additionally, the discount offered for larger exhibition spaces serves as an incentive for companies to expand their footprint and make a lasting impression at the event. Secure your position at TCT ASIA today and position your company at the forefront of the additive 3D printing industry.

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