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SmallRig Power Supply Mount Plate: Effortlessly Power Your Camera Stabilizer for Smooth and Uninterrupted Filming

SmallRig is a leading provider of camera rigs and accessories. They engineer high-quality, affordable solutions to help creators get the most out of their gear. Their latest\ SmallRig Power Supply Mount Plate for DJI RS Stabilizers 4189 is a perfect example. What’s more, SmallRig is well-known for developing high-quality yet affordable camera accessories and rigging solutions. And  the SmallRig Power Supply Mount Plate for DJI RS Stabilizers 4189, continues this tradition of innovation.


How do I power my gimbal stabilizer?
This SmallRig plate provides a lightweight and compact way to mount a V-mount battery directly to popular gimbal stabilizers like the DJI RS 2 and RS 3 Pro. It allows powering the gimbal stabilizer without extra cables getting in the way of smooth camera moves.

How is it mounted?
The plate features an anti-off design for secure and stable battery attachment. It simply clicks onto the stabilizer and supports SmallRig’s NP-F Battery Adapter Plate Lite for a tidy setup. V-mount batteries like Sony BP-U batteries can be quickly changed out as needed. What’s more, the plate features an anti-loosening design to ensure the battery attachment remains secure for the duration of shooting. It clicks directly onto compatible stabilizers and is compatible with SmallRig’s NP-F Battery Adaptor Plate Lite for a tidy setup. Batteries like Sony’s BP-U series can be quickly swapped out as needed.


SmallRig’s innovations help videographers get the most from their camera stabilizer. This affordable power solution keeps stabilizers powered efficiently while filming on the go. Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional, SmallRig’s accessories are perfect for extending the functionality of your camera stabilizer without the big price tag.

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