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Surprise Your Loved Ones On Their Birthdays By Sending private Birthday Wishes notes

Do you want to wish your loved ones their birthdays in a unique way? There are a lot of unique ideas and one of the trendy ways is to send private birthday wishes quotes. This is an inexpensive way and also does not require a lot of effort or time. 

This idea is also helpful if you want to wish someone secretly or without disclosing your name. The private message will be accessed by opening a link so it will not be forwarded and can be destroyed automatically according to the time you have set. 

Let’s have a look to create an anonymous birthday wish message link online without putting in much effort and time. 

Why Do You Need To Send Private Birthday Wishes Notes? 

Following are the reasons that describe why you should use this method for sending birthday wishes: 

  • Unique Way 

No doubt it is a unique way, your friend will be amazed after opening the link. The message will depict the idea that you are opening your heart to them and telling a secret about what you feel for them deep inside you. 

  • Does Not Store

Another main advantage of sending these types of messages is that they don’t store and do not take storage space. You can set the time when you want to disappear from your message. 

  • Send Secretly

If you want to wish someone secretly, sending a secret message link can be a great idea. The message can disappear immediately and does not be saved or forwarded so no one else can ever access it except your target person. 

How To Send Private Birthday Wishes Notes?

There are many apps and online services that let you create private birthday wishes message links and share them easily on different platforms. You must choose a good platform for privacy as well as efficiency. 

One of the best online platforms that let you create the link to secret birthday wishes and then share them is Privnote. It is a web-based free online service that does not charge any type of fee or demand for downloading and registering yourself for creating secret messages. 

Let’s have a look at how you can create your surprise birthday wish message link through Privnote: 

Step 1. Navigate To Service 


Go to the official website of Privnote and on the main interface, you will be provided with a text box where you need to write your birthday secret message. 

Step 2. Create Birthday Wish Note

Type the whole message and then click on the create note button. You can also manage different parameters of your birthday wish message. Such as you can set the time after which the message will disappear automatically or can set a password so only the person who knows the password can open it. 

Step 3. Share 

Now the link to your secret birthday wish message is on the screen either by email to the target person or copy and paste to share on WhatsApp, Facebook Instagram, or any other platform. 

Final Thoughts

A secret birthday wish link can be a memorable and unique way to wish your loved ones their birthdays. Privnote is a great service that allows you to create and send the secret link within minutes. Additionally, you can set a password or specific time after which it will disappear automatically. 

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