The Best Crypto or NFT Games to Play and Earn In 2022

Are you looking for the best NFTs or crypto games that you can start playing in 2022 and win easy money? If you are, we just might have what you are in search of. In this blog post, you’ll find the best crypto or NFT games to play in 2022.

Play-to-earn (also known as P2E) games reward players with NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or digital cash. And in recent years, blockchain-backed P2E games have become a core component of almost any metaverse on the internet where each platform boasts of its own form of cryptocurrency which it uses to pay online players for their commitment and time.

Blockchain-backed P2E games are not only fun but also offer players an opportunity to acquire currencies that have real-world value. Do you want to know the best ones to play in 2022? Our blog post has got it covered. Continue reading to learn about them.

1. Metarun

Metarun is the first blockchain-based P2W (play-to-win) and P2E (play-to-earn) endless mobile runner game that contains or includes NFT assets. The native token currency used within the game by players to buy in-game items is $MRUN.

In the game, you can earn $MRUN when you race and complete levels. Additionally, it has two modes: solo and multilayer. You can lend NFT characters you aren’t currently using and share the rewards. You can also earn from farming and token staking. Hence, you can see that there are tons of ways to earn real-value currencies when playing Metarun. If you are looking forward to earning money real quick while playing an endless running game like Subway Surf? Try this one.

2. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a trade-and-battle, P2E game that’s based on “Axies.” Axies are Ethereum-minted NFTs that players collect, breed, raise, and use to trade or battle with other online users. The game is fun because there are various types of Axies you can choose from and the customization possibilities are endless. Players can receive AXS tokens when they sell their love potions earn from winning battles with other players.

Axie Infinity boasts of over eight million registered players with about a million of the registered players, playing daily. The game is so lucrative that it has been fueling a digital economy in Southeast Asia based on crypto assets, particularly in Vietnam and the Philippines. There are about 60.9 million AXS tokens and only 23% of the total supply is currently in circulation as of April 2022 and a single share of the AXS tokens is valued at $66.

3. Decentraland

Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform that allows gamers to build their own 3D world by buying land and developing it however they please within the platform. Once a player is able to purchase land, they’ll be able to create anything they deem fit with it. In the game, you can attack other players and you can be attacked as well. To prevent your home from being destroyed you can either stay online and fight or pay another player to secure your land when you are offline.

To start playing Decentraland, you’ll need to have an Ethereum wallet and you should be willing or ready to buy and store the game’s MANA currency. Once you have got that settled, you can start participating or playing on the platform.

As of April 1, 2022, there are about 1.8 billion MANA coins in circulation and a single share of the MANA coin is valued at a little greater than $2.66.

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