The legendary Kenny Dalglish

It is quite difficult to become a Liverpool legend. There is a very small number of players who can be considered as such. Punters can try profitable betting online from 1xBet website right now on all great players that have come from this team.

One of the names that can be considered as one of the best names ever to play for Liverpool is Kenny Dalglish. However, the English team is not the only squad that remembers Dalglish as one of their best players ever. He also achieved legendary status while playing for Celtic before joining Liverpool.

If that wouldn’t be enough, the forward played more than 100 games for the Scottish national team. Punters can try profitable online betting from the 1xBet website on this squad. On the national team the player also scored 30 goals, which was a huge record at the time. All of this makes Kenny Dalglish one of the best Scottish footballers ever.

Beginnings with Celtic

Dalglish played professionally during a career that lasted between 1969 and 1990. During those 16 years, he obtained lots of silverware with the different squads that he represented. Punters from all over the world can visit 1xbet.com/en/live – make live bet on these squads. The teams in question were:

  • Celtic;
  • Liverpool;
  • and the Scottish national team.

The forward played in Celtic between 1969 and 1977. During those years he achieved legendary status at the squad. In fact, he helped his team to claim lots of domestic Scottish competitions, which started to attract the attention from other teams throughout Europe. Punters can make a live bet on 1xBet on everything that the exciting Scottish Premier League has to offer.

After those eight years in Celtic, the player was ready to try new horizons. A record fee was paid for him in 1977 in order for Dalglish to join Liverpool. Great things awaited him on that team.

Becoming a player manager

Dalglish was a Liverpool player between 1977 and 1990. Before the next match played by this team, you can visit 1xbet.com/en/slots and try all the excellent games available there. In 1985, Joe Fagan, who was Liverpool’s manager at that time resigned after a streak of bad results. At the time, many people thought that the team’s board would decide to bring a high-profile coach in order to take charge of the team.

However, it turns out that Liverpool had the solution to their problems within the squad. They decided to appoint Dalglish as manager as well. In total, he performed both roles between 1985 and 1990. He was extremely successful, winning lots of domestic and European competitions. While waiting for the next game played by this English team, you can try the excellent games available at the 1xBet online casino.

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