This company believes it can fix enterprise VPNs.

Many enterprises consider zero-trust network access ( ZTNA) a security silver bullet, but many organizations still struggle to implement it because of overhead and complexity.

A startup that recently raised $100 million in Series B funding believes it can overcome this challenge.

Tailscale aims to be the link between security and network infrastructure. Avery Pennarun, co-founder of Tailscale, told TechCrunch that IT and DevOps teams frequently adopt a connectivity tool only to be confronted by security personnel concerned about any potential risk.

Reduce complexity

Tailscale bridges the two and makes it possible to make teams more productive by eliminating connectivity issues. It also provides a secure option, as every connection is always secured.

Tailscale is built upon WireGuard, which is a communication protocol and open-source software that implements encrypted VPNs (opens in a new tab). Pennarun claims that WireGuard is a better option to protocols such as IPSec – an element that adds to the complexity and vulnerability of zero-trust.

It is intended to be installed on a server, and used to either share software services or replace business VPNs (opens in a new tab), it was stated. Taildrop is a file transfer service that allows for quick file transfers between devices within the same network.

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You can also route public-facing browser traffic through Linux, Windows and macOS-run nodes or Android TV devices. This allows only those devices to view the encrypted traffic and keeps an eye on what data is being sent. Because it is mesh-based, its capacity increases with an increase in number of nodes.

Pennarun stated that many dev teams don’t use VPNs at all. Instead, they open SSH ports and dashboards to outsiders and attempt to secure them through obscurity or simple block lists. We make connectivity more accessible and secure so small teams can build systems that scale without having to pay overhead.

According to the company, it has “thousands”, as well as other government agencies and corporations on its commercial plan.

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