Tips for playing cockfighting with 100% certainty of winning from experts

Recently the form of playKnife cockfightinghas become an attractive topic for many participants. Many people want to find out how to play cockfighting and how to play cockfighting effectively. Detailed information will be shared with readers through the article below.
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Basic information about how to play cockfighting

Cockfighting is a long-standing and famous form of cockfighting betting in the world. Unlike cockfighting, iron spurs use pairs of spurs made of metal. Philippine cockfighting is a form of using blades to increase damage to opponents.

This form of Philippine cockfighting is currently very popular and famous in the cockfighting betting market. Especially often appears in cockfighting matches and attracts many spectators to predict the results.

The cocks participating in cockfighting are all big and strong and have been carefully selected. In particular, each cock will be carefully trained. Besides, it is also equipped with swords and knives, thus creating more drama and excitement for the match.

Up to now, the number of players registered for cockfighting betting accounts has exceeded hundreds of thousands. This proves the attraction of this game as well as the heat of the Philippine chicken market.

When searching for information about cockfighting, you are probably eager to participate in betting. To play cockfighting and winning cockfights, you first need to learn a little about the rules of the game.

The rules of cockfighting should be mastered

Before entering the cockfighting arena, the referee will check the weight, ring code, and spurs to confirm that the cock is capable of competing according to regulations. Therefore, to ensure balance, the referee also has the right to cross-check the opponents’ spurs and sides.

Once you have completed the process of checking the chicken’s physical condition. The referee will inform the cock to peck several times to get the cock ready for the fight. The cockers will then release the cocks into the ring when the referee gives the signal.

In which the jockey and cock are always placed within the observation of the referee and the audience. When the referee calls the ready signal, the cockers will release the cocks into the fight. During the competition, no one is allowed to touch the cock, including the referee.

Only when the referee gives the order to capture one of the two cocks or both when the cock is seriously injured or there is an error. When there is a verbal command from the referee, the cockers will immediately catch the cock again.

A few simple tips to play cockfighting and always win

To always win in Filipino cockfighting, players need to equip themselves with their own strategies and experience. Below are tips from experienced experts in Philippine cockfighting.

Learn about cockfighting terminology online

In addition to the form of playing Philippine cockfighting with spurs, there are many other forms of cockfighting betting that you can refer to such as: American cockfights, iron spurs cockfights, pedigree cockfights,…

Depending on the type, there will be different odds and betting methods. From there, it brings interesting entertainment experiences. Therefore, depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose the form of cockfighting that you find most satisfactory.
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Refer to the cock’s performance history table

When you have a clear understanding of the clash history of the cock you bet on and your opponent’s cock. Then provide a clear analysis of strengths, weaknesses and certain potentials in the most detailed way.

To do this, you should choose  New88. Because here,  New88 bookmaker always continuously updates the cock’s performance table. Therefore, it will help bettors easily research opponents and find weaknesses to come up with correct betting strategies.

Pay attention to choosing chickens that meet competition standards

To decide to make standard bets, you need to pay attention to choosing strong fighting chickens according to the following standards:

  • Criteria for the color of the chicken: If the chicken has a light color, it shows that the chicken’s physical strength is not guaranteed. You need to pay attention to the color of the legs, head and neck feathers also need to have a healthy color.
  • Be sure to choose chickens that are not too old and do not choose chickens that are young.
  • You also need to pay special attention to the fact that chickens that are too big and strong are sometimes just good. Because there are many fighting cocks that look very normal physically but still throw many dangerous kicks.
  • Observe the fighting chickens in a relaxed state. If the fighting chickens move slowly or struggle to find food, then these chickens are not capable of competing and attacking their opponents.

Choose a reputable bookmaker to bet on cockfighting

Currently on the market there are many bookmakers providing Philippine cockfighting playgrounds. However, you should be alert to choose a reputable bookmaker and commit not to cheat. A name that you should not ignore and mention  New88.

Prestigious playground, diverse slot games, especially high prize structure will definitely make you satisfied. Especially many attractive reward policies and advice from the customer service team. Therefore, when you have questions, just contact us and we will respond promptly.


In this article, we have provided basic information about the cockfighting betting game Cua Dao. If you want to participate today, please register an account to receive a 100k promotion to your betting account.

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