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Understanding Rapid Tooling Techniques with HordRT’s Rapid Service


In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, efficiency and speed are crucial for staying competitive. HordRT‘s rapid tooling service offers solutions that streamline prototype production through various rapid tooling techniques. This article explores Direct and Indirect Rapid Tooling methods facilitated by HordRT’s rapid tooling service, highlighting their processes and benefits for manufacturers.

Direct Rapid Tooling

Creation of 3D CAD Model: The initial step in Direct Rapid Tooling involves creating a precise 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) model of the desired mold or tool. This digital blueprint serves as the foundation for subsequent manufacturing steps.

Machining of the Mold or Tool: Next, the 3D CAD model is transmitted to HordRT’s specialized machining machines. These advanced tools meticulously craft the physical mold or tool, ensuring accuracy and precision in the production process.

Production of Prototypes: Once the mold or tool is fabricated, it is immediately utilized to produce prototypes. This direct approach allows for swift prototyping, enabling manufacturers to swiftly assess and refine their designs.

Indirect Rapid Tooling

Creation of 3D CAD Model: Similar to Direct Rapid Tooling, Indirect Rapid Tooling commences with the creation of a detailed 3D CAD model of the master mold or tool. This digital representation serves as the basis for subsequent manufacturing steps.

Machining of the Master Mold or Tool: The CAD model is then forwarded to HordRT’s machining facility, where a durable master mold or tool, also known as a pattern, is meticulously crafted. This master pattern serves as the foundation for further mold or tool production.


In conclusion, HordRT’s rapid tooling service offers a comprehensive suite of rapid tooling techniques that empower manufacturers to accelerate prototype production. Whether through Direct or Indirect Rapid Tooling, manufacturers can benefit from streamlined processes, precise manufacturing, and enhanced flexibility. By leveraging HordRT’s expertise and cutting-edge technology, manufacturers can stay ahead in the competitive manufacturing landscape and bring innovative products to market faster than ever before.

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