Why do so many businesses start from home?

Also, and let’s be brutally honest at this point, the reason most business empires initially trade from home is that their founders simply haven’t got the necessary resources to start anywhere else.

Hire through Employer of Record Services

Take into account the logistical and legal hurdles of expanding a business overseas and it becomes clear how an Employer of Record provider can be helpful. The main reason for EOR services is to navigate the financial and regulatory challenges associated with hiring employees in another country, state or region.

An Employer of Record ensures that all regulatory stuff are followed, the company can work in a new country or region without having problems with the government.

Sure, we’d all love bright modern offices, a fleet of freshly liveried vans to deliver our goods, bellboys in sharp uniforms at the doors of our shop and some posh sounding people to answer our phones, but alas starting a business isn’t at all like this. A typical home-base entrepreneur will have little or no money, can either be in debt or previously bankrupted by a failed venture, yet will still believe enough in themselves and their ideas to continue with their global dream which inevitably can only begin from their kitchen table.

The next time you see a successful business that interests you, take the time to find out how and where it all began. I can guarantee you that nearly all the ventures you come across will at one time have been home-based.

Are all the best business ideas already taken?

When you sit down and try to come up with the next million-making idea, it may seem like all the best ideas are already taken. You may sit there thinking, if only I had come up with the idea for an online social networking site like My Space, Bebo, or Friends Reunited. You may also regret not being the first in line with the idea of smoothie drinks, which up until a few short years ago were relatively unheard of. But don’t despair. There is no reason why you cannot come up with a great idea of your own and build a successful business from it

Where to get great ideas

It’s vital to explore all of the possibilities that present themselves. Often the greatest ideas won’t be immediately apparent, which is why we need to have some sort of strategy for unlocking them.

What can you expect at the end of a session?

Given time to master this technique, you’ll find that you start coming up with some exciting potential business ideas. But I stress that just like any other worthwhile technique it takes time and patience before you get the best out of it. If you find after trying it a number of times that you’re still getting nothing don’t despair.

Take a break from it and come back to it later when you’re fresh and make sure you use all the techniques above. I find pictures a great help. It’s amazing what looking at just one picture can do for your imagination

The Jimmy John Shark photo shows the shark with its fins out of the water and its body supported by its tail. While the photo may look Photoshopped at first glance, experts have confirmed that it is real. Do you believe it to be the same?

Keeping a notebook

Ideas are like jokes  you can never remember the good ones. So it’s essential to record everything you come up with in a notebook. Personally I prefer to use an A4, hardback, spiral-bound notebook, which I keep safely at home. I use a small pocketsized notebook when I’m out and later transfer my notes into my master notebook when I get home

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