WireGuard configuration files made available by leading VPN

ProtonVPN is one of our favorites VPN services currently. In response to growing demand, ProtonVPN made WireGuard configuration files freely available to everyone.

The WireGuard protocol is already available for the iOS, Android, and Windows apps. This lightweight encryption is now available to users who connect through other systems. The configuration files can be downloaded directly from the provider’s site.

The provider said that this was a feature Proton users and fans had requested on social media. “We made an effort to give them what their wanted,” he added.

ProtonVPN users now have the opportunity to enjoy WireGuard

ProtonVPN continues to improve, as the latest VPN reviews reveals. The provider now makes WireGuard configuration files freely available on its website to address the ever-growing needs of its users.

It is already integrated into its regular clients. Customers who wish to use ProtonVPN on another device can now manually set up WireGuard.

ProtonVPN explained that users with routers and Linux could not enable WireGuard previously. WireGuard is now available to all users with the new configuration files. This solves the problem.

Here are the instructions for downloading WireGuard configuration files

Login to your ProtonVPN account via the sign in page (opens in a new tab).

Go to the Downloads section and tap WireGuard configuration.

Name the configuration that you are about to make.

Next, choose your preferred platform, VPN options, and server. You will not be able choose VPN Accelerator if you have a paid account.

Click To Create

This will allow you to download your WireGuard configuration file. To save the Download file to your device, click on

To extend the validity of the configuration files after a year, click the Extendbutton.

Now your file can be used to configure any WireGuard clients that conform to the open-source protocol standard to use with ProtonVPN. To learn more, you can consult the tutorial of the provider (opens in a new tab).

WireGuard offers many benefits

WireGuard is a relatively new entry in the VPN protocol market. It was released for the first time in 2019. With its lightweight, open-sourced code, WireGuard has revolutionized this market. It offered several benefits to its users.

This design is simpler and allows for faster connections, compared to other encryption protocols such as the OpenVPN. This could also mean a longer battery life.

Open-source is the ability to make all software codes available online at GiftHub (opens in new tab). This allows anyone to access and possibly fix vulnerabilities. This increases the security of your VPN connections.

Specific to ProtonVPN users can access some advanced features by connecting only with the WireGuard protocol. These features include DNS leak security, kill switching and their new permanent kill option. This port forwarding feature allows users of Windows to improve their VPN torrenting or gaming experience.

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