5 Most Common Central Heating Issues and How to Fix Them

Winter is officially here, and central heating is essential to keep your home warm. While central heating systems can last for years if looked after properly, some common issues cause central heating to stop working as it should.

If you’re experiencing central heating problems in your home, check out this guide to the five most common central heating issues and how to fix them.  Remember to call for a central heating repair in Sonora if the issue is too complex for you to solve – safety should always be your first priority.

Radiator not getting hot

If your central heating system isn’t producing enough heat, check that the radiator valves are open, bleed out any air in the radiators, and ensure the central heating pump is functioning correctly.

Thermostat issue

The thermostat must be adjusted if your central heating system turns on and off rapidly. To do this, turn up the central heating temperature until it reaches a comfortable level for you and leave it for around two hours.

Boiler not working

Check that the gas supply is turned on and reset the central heating system. If this doesn’t work, you may need to call a central heating repair technician and have them check the boiler for any further issues.

Boiler making noises

Loud banging or gurgling noises can indicate an issue with central heating pump pressure or air in the central heating system. You can try bleeding radiators and resetting the central heating pump pressure to sort this out.

Central Heating Unresponsive

If your central heating system isn’t responding to the thermostat, check that it is plugged in and switched on. If there are no visible issues, a central heating repair technician may be needed to check the system for further problems.

Suppose you’re experiencing central heating issues, and none of the solutions above have sorted them. In that case, it’s time to call a central heating repair professional to look at your central heating system. A licensed and skilled HVAC company, like Performance Based Heating & Air in Sonora, CA, can help you to identify central heating issues and get them sorted quickly. Get in touch with the pros today!

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