Exchange: Why Choose Australia?

Australia is one of the main destinations for those who want to travel and learn English. This is because the country is a reference in education and culture, in addition to tourism being one of the most constant activities in the country. There are several courses that you can find in Australia, in addition to the wide variety of activities and cultural attractions in the most diverse cities of the country.

The country is located in Oceania and its colonization began around the 18th century. It was inhabited by about 250 aboriginal nations before European immigration and exploration began. Colonization was mostly carried out by the Dutch and the British and it was only from the 19th century onwards that the Australian territories became “self-governing”.

Around the year 1901, six Australian colonies became independent and came together to form a federation, the Commonwealth of Australia, a democratic and liberal political system of parliamentary monarchy. Australia has as its head of state the same monarch who rules the United Kingdom and the countries of the so-called Commonwealth (which includes countries such as Australia, Canada, Jamaica, New Zealand, among others).

In addition to its rich history, Australia is one of the countries with the highest HDI (Human Development Index), with high life expectancies, great investment in health and education, and enviable economic freedom. Its capital is Canberra, with Sydney being its most populous city, with almost 5 million inhabitants.

However, what about the study in Australia? Well, having said all that about the history and characteristics of the country, let’s talk about the main points that lead those interested in exchanges to choose Australia as the study destination to live this experience. According to the latest surveys, in 2011 the number of international students in the country was around half a million people, from more than 180 different nations.

First, Australian English is often considered ideal. It is not as “dry” and objective as the British one, but it avoids the excessive language ramblings of Americans – so many students choose an Australian city to have more contact with the language. It is the only English-speaking country located in a region with a milder climate, different from the harsh winters that hit the northern hemisphere of the planet.

Course options are also excellent in Australia. From specific courses for the English language to undergraduate and graduate programs, or specialization and professionalization projects can be found in the country. The tip is to look hard and be very objective during the search, there are several options to suit your needs.

The possibility of work is another advantage of studying abroad in Australia. The country is not very cheap, so chances are you’ll need a job to help make ends meet. The advantage is the number of offers provided to foreigners and the fact that you will receive in dollar, and with the strengthening of the currency, perrengues will be almost impossible.

The Australian Community is also known for the ease of granting visas, especially tourist visas. In recent times, the country has tried to change the image that its attractions are only the natural landscapes and typical animals to focus on the academic and professional quality of the country’s residents. Higher and technical education courses are being facilitated and some programs are already being negotiated with the Brazilian government.

On top of all that, of course, we have the natural landscapes, sights and exotic animals unique to Australia. Australian beaches, cinemas, theaters and zoos, in addition to safari parks, are essential points for those who want to do not only an academic, but also a cultural exchange.

The country is the most suitable for those who want to have an incredible and complete experience outside their country of origin, experiencing new cultures, learning about new working methods and tasting the perfect mix between beauty, leisure, studies and culture.

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