Microsoft joins the VPN wars by introducing a new service to Edge

Microsoft follows Apple and Google in entering the VPN market. Microsoft Edge customers will soon have access to a free VPN from Microsoft‘s browser.

A recent support (opens in new tab) indicates that the company’s new VPN service, Microsoft Edge Secure Network, will be called Cloudflare. The new feature is not referred to by Microsoft as a VPN, but it works in the same manner as iCloud private relay.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network is still in preview. However, Edge users who sign into their browser using their Microsoft Account will receive 1GB of data per month.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network, which is not a VPN created by itself, is provided as a partnership with Cloudflare and the web infrastructure. Microsoft states in its support document that Cloudflare respects privacy and collects only limited diagnostic and support data to enable it to provide services. These diagnostic and support data are also permanently deleted once they have been collected every 25 hours.

Microsoft Edge Secure Network

Microsoft Edge Secure Network, just like a VPN, encrypts an internet connection to protect data from online threats.

To create a secure connection, Microsoft Edge Secure Network routes your data through Edge via an encrypted tunnel or a VPN tunnel. This applies to non-secure URLs that start with HTTPS.

Edge’s new VPN protects users from online threats and prevents internet service provider (ISPs), from collecting browsing data, including information about the sites visited. This prevents advertising companies and third-parties from profiling you and sending targeted ads.

It’s not clear if Microsoft Edge Secure Network will let you choose the VPN server to which you want to bypass geo-blocking. Microsoft states that the feature allows you to browse using a virtual IP address, which masks your IP and replaces it with a similar geographic address. However, if you want to access content from other countries, you might be better off with a paid VPN service such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN .

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Microsoft Edge Secure Network will give Edge users access to a free VPN from a trusted company. This is a significant advantage over many other free offerings. Edge users will have the opportunity to test it once the preview is over. Edge users can access the context menu from their browsers in the same manner as you access collections and web capture.

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