Boost your Organic Traffic | 5 Actions to Win!

5 ideas to boost your organic traffic sustainably

You have created a site or a blog, but you have no or very few readers? Would you like to arrive on the first page of search engines and thus reference your site to make yourself known? You’ve thought about paid referencing, but you’re not excited about the idea in the long term… And you’re right, the day you stop advertising, your organic traffic will plummet. I propose in this article 5 actions to boost organic traffic and gain places on Google! Ready to come out on top? Let’s go!

Boost your organic traffic with optimized content

To get natural, i.e., free, organic traffic, your main mission is to produce optimized content. Because to get organic traffic, your site has to be visible, and to get visibility, not only do your site’s pages have to be indexed by Google, but they also have to be on the first page (or the second… let’s admit it). The goal is to get first place in search engine results.

Beyond the implementation of a content strategy, we will have to think about SEO optimization (for Search Engine Optimization: Optimization for search engines).

What is SEO optimized content? Quite simply (and very synthetically), it is content that will please your readers and Google’s algorithm.

If the words: long tail, choice of keywords, duplicate content or duplicate content, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SERP or responsive site are absolutely not part of your vocabulary, a word of advice: entrust the optimization of your site to a person with knowledge of SEO! She will be able to produce optimized content, perform an SEO audit, use SEO tools and implement different SEO techniques.

To build your team: it’s here!

You want to know more about SEO and how to optimize an article, I invite you to read the articles: What is SEO? & Understand SEO in 4 points.

Keep your readers on your site to boost organic traffic

Google loves sites that readers stay on for a long time! Yes, it is a guarantee of quality: the longer the duration of the user session, the more it means that the content is complete and interesting.

For this, it will be necessary to strengthen the internal mesh of your website. Thus, thanks to a well thought out site architecture, readers will go from page to page, read interesting content, and stay longer on the site.

Keeping readers on your site also reduces the bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of Internet users who arrived on the site, viewed a single page and left. The higher the bounce rate, the more the algorithm detects low quality content, or that the page of the site in question is not suitable for the question asked by readers.

Create a blog to increase your chances of being on the first page

Do you have an e-commerce site or are you simply a web-entrepreneur? Your website does not have a blog? Creating one is certainly one of the best solutions to put in place to generate qualified organic traffic.

Advantage #1: pleasing Google

Observation: the first results of Google are pages containing on average almost 2,000 words… It is difficult to establish such long product sheets or descriptions of services.

While for a blog article, reaching this number of words seems much more obvious!

Advantage n° 2: give confidence to your customers

It is not easy for a customer to arrive on a site that he did not know before and to buy a product or a service. He needs to know you and trust you. Normal.

Having a blog allows you to create this relationship of trust with your readers. By reading your articles, your readers get to know you.

Advantage #3: demonstrate your expertise

You are a freelancer (graphic designer, translator, etc.) or a craftsman (painter, seamstress, etc.) and have very specific skills in your field. Thanks to good articles, your blog will highlight your know-how. Your readership will simply be seduced!

Do you want to find other advantages to setting up a blog?

Post regularly

You will be able to create the most beautiful site, well-supplied, with quality information, if you do not regularly publish new content… your organic traffic will not take off, see it will collapse! This is why you have to think of a long-term strategy and have ideas for creating content by professional content writers.

Is it the dry breakdown? SEO web editors are there for that: they can make your site live.

Improve the SEO of your site thanks to backlinks

To boost organic traffic, you need to get backlinks (or backlinks), that is, sites or blogs share a link pointing to your site. Of course, the sites recommending you must be of good quality. On the one hand, the readers of the site in question will discover your site or blog and you will be able to win new visitors and potential customers. On the other hand, this backlink indicates to Google that your site is of very good quality, since someone recommends it!

Be careful however, buying or exchanging backlinks can harm your SEO, this practice is one of those to be avoided – the “Black hat SEO”.

Boost your organic traffic: summary

If I had to summarize in one sentence all the methods to put in place to boost the organic traffic of your site or your blog, I would say to you:

“Bring your site or blog to life with regular, optimized and quality content creation”.

Easier said than done, I agree But, this is how you will get the first places of the pages of Google and therefore qualified traffic. And if you want to make a living from the web, getting organic traffic is, as you will have understood, essential.

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