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Certain periods prove to be conducive to awakening the vocation of a business creator that lies dormant in some of us. The arrival of an economic crisis and its share of uncertainties, the stories of friends left behind after years of loyalty to an employer or simply the loss of the feeling of belonging to one’s company.

After Covid-19 pandemic, video platforms like TikTok have become the best way of entertaining. TikTok has 1 billion users worldwide, making it one of the best platforms to invest in. Business experts suggest implementing social medias and video platforms in your business. They are connecting billions of people together, which makes your product much more visible and noticeable. You can buy 100 TikTok followers and reach a larger audience.

The luxury thrift store

The idea: The wardrobes of city dwellers are full of treasures: almost new classy shoes, a suit bought in a small shop, worn only once for a big occasion, designer bags or belts. But with the economic crisis, the purchasing power of consumers is decreasing. Hence the idea of ​​connecting those who wish to part with part of their wardrobe with potential buyers.

How it works: All you have to do is rent a shop somewhere in town to get into second-hand clothing. But with an expert eye you do not compromise on quality: only pieces of real interest find their place in the showcase. The clothes are taken on consignment for a maximum of one month and you collect a solid percentage of the sales.

Initial investment: low

Risks: low

Potential return: $$$

Second-hand sporting goods

The idea: Many athletes equip themselves from head to toe before realizing that this equipment does not suit them or changing sports. Sport Junkies has turned this observation into a business by guaranteeing the quality of second-hand sports articles unlike Internet sites.

How it works: The first two Sport Junkies stores in Canada have thousands of consignment items. The principle is that each article presented drops by 10% in price each week. The original owner receives 70% of the final sale price.

Initial investment: low

Risks: medium

Potential return: $$$

Free sample store

The idea: The Chinese have just created Sampleplaza, a showroom filled with new products not yet distributed on the market. Products that consumers can test. For their part, the manufacturers have a large test sales area.

Operation: Consumers pay a fixed annual subscription which allows them to come as often as they wish. Each time, they can leave with five products, provided they complete a form on each of them.

Investment: high

Potential return: $$$$

The costume that irons itself!

The idea: Bringing your suit to the dry cleaners takes time and is expensive. Why not create a costume that cleans itself?

How it works: Thanks to merino wool, a company has managed to develop this revolutionary suit that rinses off a hanger in the shower and, once dry, is impeccable, without the need to be ironed.

Basic investment: low

Risks: low

Potential return: $$$$

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