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The Jordan 1 has endured in popularity because it is instantly recognisable, pairs well with any style of clothing, and has deep roots in the culture of sneaker collecting. Of course, limited supply and ensuing hype also play a role.

The sneaker’s niche history and mass appeal come from its status as the first model in an Air Jordan Low release series featuring countless colour blocking and sleek designs (low, mid, high, etc.). To anyone just starting in the sneaker collecting hobby, a pair of Air Jordan 1s almost seems obligatory.

Many people trace sneaker culture back to the debut of the Air Jordan 1. This is a questionable assertion, considering an Air Force 1 debuted a few years ago. The Air Ship was Michael Jordan’s first official pair of Nike NBA shoes, also worn with other Nike models. The model and its distinctive “wings” logo were the brainchild of designer Peter Moore.

It is unbelievable that hype plays a significant role in boosting sneaker sales. It is clear that the Jordan 1 has been and always will be among the most talked-about sneakers, with many notable people regularly spotted wearing them. Because of this, specific colourways are becoming increasingly rare on store shelves.

When did people start wearing the Air Jordan 1?

Although the Jordans 1 was well-received upon its initial release in 1984–1985, the shoe didn’t truly take off until the retro version debuted in 2001.

Initially, Jordan was interested in signing with either Adidas or Converse. Peter Morgan came to the rescue with the Aircraft and the Air Jordan Low, modifying the shoe’s smaller footprint midsole to better suit MJ’s preferences.

There was an initial buzz about the AJ1 because of its controversy. Or at least a modicum of fame. In the early 1980s, white and one-team colours were the standard for hoop shoes. The original Air Jordans featured only two colours, but adding black to the design tripled that to three).

Before long, the Jordan 1 would’ve been retired until 1995, when the first of many retro series would drop. These sales were dismal and quickly relegated to the clearance section. There wasn’t a good enough time for the AJ1 vintage to be released. But when retros reappeared in 2001, their popularity skyrocketed. Numerous iterations of the Jordan 1 have since been released to widespread acclaim, and the sneaker subculture that grew alongside the model has also matured.

Which sneaker did Michael Jordan first wear?

At first, Michael Jordan alternated wearing the Air Ship and the Jordans 1. It was debuted in the Chicago-themed Air Jordan 1s.

The original Chicago and Black Toe colourways were backups for Michael Jordan to wear on the court. The Air Boat was retired and replaced by Michael’s exclusive use of the Jordan 1. At a later time, the Bred balayage was introduced. Photos of Michael Jordan wearing footwear other than Nikes can be found online, dating back to before the Air Jordan 1. The Adidas Forum is one model worn, as evidenced by photographs. When the Nike Air 1 first came out, many people said it was ugly. Therefore, the current status of the sneaker is highly ironic.


When it comes down to it, Jordans is the biggest brand in sports. For a good reason, too; it has a well-deserved reputation for excellence in function, originality, and good taste. But the Jordan name has become synonymous with Michael Jordan and his cultural impact, contributing to the shoes’ widespread acclaim.

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