ExpressVPN launches M1 and M2-compatible Mac Apps

ExpressVPN is our best VPN and has just released its Mac VPN Client. ExpressVPN for Mac can now be used natively on devices with M1 and M2 chips. ExpressVPN (opens in a new window) states that the app works even better on the latest Mac computers, giving users a faster connection and lower battery consumption.

ExpressVPN Mac uses a universal binary program, which means that older Macs can still use the app. Many Mac apps can’t run directly on the M-series processors because they are new. Rosetta 2 is third-party software that converts unoptimized Mac applications to run on modern processors.

This makes the software slower and less efficient. Native compatibility is crucial to maximizing the potential of Apple’s new silicon chips.

What are Apple’s M1 & M2 chips?

Apple and most tech companies have used Intel CPU chips for years. The CPU helps to streamline the computer’s processes, manage memory, control other parts of the device, and keep everything running smoothly. The CPU is basically the brain of a computer.

Apple began manufacturing its own CPUs in the M-series over the past two years. The M1 was the first to be released. It was slightly slower than Intel CPUs and had some bugs. It was nevertheless a great starting point for Apple to learn about real-world applications. Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max were released over the next year, which significantly improved performance.

This June, the M2 chip was released. It has proven to be a significant upgrade to the M1 chip, with faster processing times and lower battery consumption.

ExpressVPN is not compatible with the M1 or M2 chips. Users would be asked to download Rosetta 2 after installing the ExpressVPN application. ExpressVPN’s most recent release allows Mac users to access all its functions and features without additional steps.

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Other VPNs optimized for M1 or M2

ExpressVPN is a well-known VPN provider. It is a well-known VPN provider that has been protecting privacy since 2009. It is not the first to offer an M-series native VPN.

NordVPN released the native M1 version of its app in August 2021. This was a full year before ExpressVPN. Surfshark was another company that quickly released a native M1 VPN app. It did so in May 2021. Surfshark, like NordVPN and ExpressVPN, used a universal code for easy updates and compatibility with other M-series chips.

It is remarkable that VyprVPN was the first M1-native VPN client. This app was released on March 20,21, and it is now compatible with other Apple M-chips.

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