ExpressVPN leaves India due to new government orders

VPN provider express VPN has decided to shut down operations in India after the latest action by Indian lawmakers.

India’s new VPN law, which will take effect on June 27, requires companies to store the real names of users, their IP addresses, and usage patterns.

ExpressVPN claims it will not participate in Indian government’s efforts to restrict internet freedom and that its focus is on protecting privacy as well as freedom of expression online.

ExpressVPN India

ExpressVPN claims that the change will make “minimal differences” to the user experience. Express VPN users can choose to connect to an Indian server via “India (via Singapore”) or “India [via UK]”.

Virtual locations allow users to choose the country they want to connect to. However, the server is physically located elsewhere.

ExpressVPN assures internet users in India that they can be confident that their online traffic will not be logged and stored, and is not being monitored or recorded by their government.

India’s Computer Emergency Response Team-In (CERT-In) proposed the new data law, ostensibly to combat cybercrime.

ExpressVPN, however, claims that the bill is too broad and overreaching to allow for abuse. It also stated that it believes the “damage caused by potential misuse of this type of law far outweighs any benefits that lawmakers claim it would bring.”

Many Indian lawmakers are skeptical of VPNs, despite their legitimate use. There were calls to ban VPN services from India, despite India VPNs being widely utilized by consumers in the region.

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