Get 3 months of Surfshark VPN for free

You’ve probably come across Surfshark while searching for the best SSL VPN. It was founded in 2018 and has quickly risen to the top of the VPN industry thanks to its simplicity of use, excellent privacy, and outstanding streaming performance.

Even at its full price, it’s extremely affordable. TechRadar subscribers can get 3 months of free VPN service on their 2-year plans. This means that now costs only $2.21 per month (opens in new tab).

This is a bargain when compared to Surfshark’s closest competitors in terms of privacy and quality. This exclusive deal is available only to TechRadar readers and our friends at Tom’s Guide, Android Central, and Android Central.

It’s only available for two weeks, so if your need for a VPN is urgent, now is the right time. You can find more information below.

VPN deals: What you can do using a VPN

There are many VPNs. Virtual Private Networks can bypass geo-restricted content. A VPN allows you to bypass geo-restricted content. If streaming is your main reason for using a VPN, our Netflix VPN guide will help you. However, they are also great for streaming shows and sport that are unavailable in your country.

VPNs allow you to surf the internet securely, which is something that will concern some people more than others. VPNs use encryption technology which basically means that your browsing and activity will remain anonymous. VPNs are the best choice if you care about cyber security.

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They can also be used to bypass blocked apps and websites in countries that ban them.

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