Torus Skirting – The Benefits of Torus Skirting

Torus skirting is a stylish way to finish off your room. It is a protective measure to keep kicks and other knocks from damaging your walls. It comes in three different heights, so you can choose what looks best in your room. They are primed, so they can be painted to match the rest of the room’s scheme. And you can get matching architraves to complete the look. Here are some of the main benefits of torus skirting.

The torus skirting is one of the most popular types on the market. Its sleek traditional style is often admired by home owners. You can purchase it in different materials, including high-quality American oak or MDF. It can be easily installed with little or no skill. But be warned: Torus skirting is not suitable for all types of homes. A torus skirting board will look dingy if you live in an area with a lot of moisture.

The Torus Solid Oak Skirting Boards offer a contemporary aesthetic with a classic design. These boards are available in a wide range of interior finishes. They are supplied unfinished, so you can finish them to match the existing wood features in your home. They come in a variety of lengths, from 1.2 to 3 metres, and are 20mm thick. Moreover, they have a natural wood grain look. It’s one of the best options for sprucing up your home.

Torus skirting has become one of the most popular profiles for skirting boards. This elegant skirting board covers the wall-floor joint and covers the uneven edge as the flooring meets the wall. This skirting board is manufactured from high quality American oak and is compatible with both softwood and MDF. Torus skirting is made to be simple to fit and is also available in a wide variety of finishes. However, the most common problem is the lack of matching skirting boards.

The Torus skirting board is an iconic design that works in almost any interior. This skirting board is available from builders merchants and major DIY stores. This skirting board profile is a popular choice among homeowners and contractors alike. Its classic style is popular with both trades, and it’s easy to see why. It’s also among the best-selling profiles in the UK. It has a classic look that will never go out of style.

While you can paint and varnish Torus skirting board, it’s best to choose veneered board if you don’t want to paint the board. However, if you’re not keen on painting the board, then go for a foil-wrapped white Torus. MDF mouldings have several advantages over Torus skirting boards. They’re among the most affordable high-quality options available, and moisture-resistant MDF is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Torus skirting boards can come in different thicknesses to suit different types of homes. For example, you can choose 15mm, 18mm, or 25mm thick skirting boards. The MDF is lightweight, which makes it easy to manipulate and fit. Plus, it’s extremely sturdy and durable. In addition, you can choose a custom-made skirting board for your home, as it comes with matching architraves.

Another great thing about torus skirting boards is that they’re easy to install and trim. This type of board is easy to cut and install, and unlike wood skirting boards, it won’t peel or crack.

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