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Embroidery work latest collection of readymade aari work of cotton silk  blouses for silk sarees

Any special day of a bridal is incomplete without any beautiful outfit because after marriage it’s important for a girl to pamper herself and look beautiful in every function. The aari work blouses have beautiful embroidery work design with bold colours for newly brides. The shine of the pearls gives a beautiful glow to the bride’s face. These blouses are made up of cotton silk fabric for all the comforts. You can also wear this on any festivals and in any wedding function. Any simple silk saree will go perfect with these blouses. I am sure you will love this blouse and fall in love with all the blouses you will see of aari work.

Beautiful embroidery work with bold red colour of aari work

This blouse is perfect for newly brides who have to attend so many functions. Blouses contain zari and embroidery work. The neck and back is of round shape with a lining of zari work. Small flower designs work all over the blouse with nags and glitter. The back is covered with net fabric with floral embroidery work and stone work which is very attractive. The hands are of parrot green colour with aari work of almond shape . The corners of the hands are beautifully decorated with white stones and yellow fabric. Some gold plated jewellery with this blouse will be just perfect .

Gorgeous embroidery work red colour blouse with aari work

Very gorgeous blouse of  red and cream colour . Full blouse is decorated with small stones and zari work. The neck and back are of round shape with white stone decoration. The back is covered with net fabric which has stone work and floral stone work. The hand design is very classy of cream colour with red and golden stone work and red floral fabric touch at the corners. Combine this blouse with your favourite silk saree and some accessories for a perfect traditional look. For festivals and special events it’s just perfect.

Fancy bold black blouse with embroidery and aari work

Bold combination of black and red with extremely beautiful aari work all over the blouse. The upper back and chest area has beautiful red and floral stone work and with red corners. The back side is covered with red net fabric with stone work . Ends of the back are fully covered with stones and a floral design of red stone. Small flowers with red stones all over the chest area and lower back area. The hands are of net fabric with heavy embroidery work for a perfect bridal look . Newlyweds should have this type of blouse for any special function.

Indigo blouse with aari work and trendy backless design

Indigo colour with beautiful stone work and embroidery work all over the blouse is for all the newly brides out there. Deep back area and sweetheart shape of the front area is very classy. Golden heavy embroidery works on both the back and front side of the blouse . Everyone’s eyes will just look at you in every function you will wear this super gorgeous and very comfortable to wear. The hands are extremely beautiful with heavy embroidery work with two cute birds and golden stone work. This blouse will make you feel like a queen and give you a very rich vibe. Simple silk saree would be the best option for this saree.

Trending everywhere white embroidery blouse with aari work

What would I say about it is just the colour and stone work in this blouse. Very different and unique piece of blouse from aari work. The back and front area has small floral stone work of red and white. The back area and hand area is of net fabric with white stone decor and aari work. The hands have heavy stone work which is enhancing the overall blouse beauty. Red and white stone floral design on the chest and lower back area. This blouse, some jewelleries and a silk will be fired on ice.

Amazing pinky colour blouse with gorgeous aaro work

How beautiful this blouse is there are no words to say about this gorgeous colour and embroidery work. If you are bored wearing simple blouses then try out this fully embroidery work blouse at festivals and flaunt your gorgeous look everywhere. Pink with golden stones is the perfect combination then any other blouses. Backless with pink latkans and embroidery work at the corners. The back and front both are of round shape and stone work. The hands are just fabulous with two little blue birds and golden stone work. The corners of the hands are just superb and it looks very classy. The fabric is of  cotton silk for your comfort zone. Add up some jewellery and any silk saree for a perfect wedding guest look.


If you are bored wearing an old blouse with a simple design, this is the time to move on to this aari work blouse. All the blouses above are extremely beautiful and anyone could fall in love with these blouses . Fully embroidery work with white and golden stones is just fabulous. You can wear any of your silk saree for a perfect traditional look. These blouses will make a simple saree look an extremely gorgeous celebrity look . Add up some gold jewelleries and a beautiful bun to flaunt the back area. All the blouses are very comfortable and made of pure cotton material with silk lining so don’t worry about the comfort.

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