How Does Good Sheets Affect Sleep?

Research has established that we spend about 26years which is approximately a third of our life, in bed. Roughly seven years of that time is spent trying to catch some sleep. Experts claim that bed sheets play a critical role in determining whether you will get quality sleep or not. With respect to that, bed sheets should be an important element in sleep preparation. If you find it difficult to find some sleep or wake up in the morning feeling grumpy or tired, you might be using low-quality bed sheets, and they might affect how you gather some sleep. Therefore, if you want to maximize your sleep moments and enjoy the value of your bed, invest in buying good quality bed sheets and improve your sleeping quality to the latter.

Sleep and good sheets go hand in hand. But you need to be proactive and put some extra effort into obtaining good sheets and work on maintaining them for ages. In other words, once you obtain quality sheets from experts such as Fleet Sheets, you need to work on maintaining them as you may not afford to access some of these sheets from time to time. Continue reading the article to grasp some more details about how good quality sheets affect one’s sleep.

The Science of Sleep

One of the most common complaints raised by people who are termed restless sleepers is feeling too cold or too hot while sleeping. The human body works very hard to ensure that our body temperatures remain constant even while sleeping. However, at night, body temperatures tend to be low as few metabolic activities are in progress, especially while sleeping. We need quality bed sheets to help maintain a constant body temperature overnight. The aspect means that if you have low-quality sheets that do not provide the warmth required while sleeping, you will struggle to catch up with some sleep. You might wake up during the night due to low body temperatures. On the other hand, if your sheets trap a lot of heat, you may start sweating and feel uncomfortably warm as you sleep. This is one of the major causes of sleeplessness among individuals.

Choosing the Right Fabric

If you want to improve the quality of your sleep, ensure that you select the right synthetic material made up of polyester and other natural materials such as cotton. The materials should be soft enough to provide the warmth required for quality sleep. You need to avoid choosing synthetic materials that are less breathable as they tend to trap more heat and affect the quality and the comfort of one’s sleep.

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Bottom Line

If you want to improve how you sleep, ensure that you change the quality of sheets you have been using. In other words, good sheets will guarantee you quality sleep, and you will not struggle to catch up with sleep at any time of the day. Choosing the right fabric materials for your sheets should be your number one priority, as sleeping well is healthy.

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