Independent privacy audit of top VPN providers

IPVanish is one of the best VPN services currently available. An independent audit was conducted to confirm its zero-logs promises.

Cybersecurity consulting firm Leviathan Security Group has confirmed that the VPN provider adheres to the data-handling policies stated in its Privacy policy (opens in new window).

We do not store or log any data regarding your connection or activity in order to ensure that our users are truly protected. The provider stated that this means we don’t know how or where you connect to the internet, or what you are doing online while using our VPN.

IPVanish granted Leviathan Security Group full access to its technology, documents and team members. To verify the policy’s trustworthiness, the audit panel interviewed employees and performed technical assessments. Some data is stored for functional purposes, such as billing information, email addresses and preferences. However IPVanish does not log any identifiable traffic data or details regarding its users’ online activities. These data include search history, background apps, streaming details, and upload and download activity.

It is important for customers to understand how their data is used, stored, and collected. VPN audits are important to ensure users’ safety by providing independent verification of the policies. IPVanish was also under fire in 2018 after it was revealed that its holding company had given information about a user’s activities.

IPVanish is not the only company that has been audited for data transparency. ExpressVPN NordVPN, and Surfshark are other providers that have done the same.

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